The Arab and his Camel. It was a cold winter day. The was travelling on the back. At night, the pitched his tent and went inside it. The was outside. Tick( ) the .smallerTick( ) the smallest fruit. Tick( ) the biggest bubble. Tick( ) the animal at the bottom of the stairs. Tick( ) the bird nearer to home. Tick( ) the cat farther from the tree. 9 Sort shapes by joining with similar shapes. Make pairs of similar shapes. Tick( ) the objects that will slide. The grandmother rolled the The dholak started rolling down. The wolf grew suspicious and started running behind Before the wolf could catch him, the lamb reached home and Match the shapes of same sizes. Match the same shapes. Colour the smallest shape. Colour green, red and blue. Colour green, pink and yellow. Make similar figures using the shape kit given at the back of this book.

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