Let’s talk Why do you think the butterfly likes its wings? • What can the myna do?• What can you do— sing/paint/write...?• Do you think the fish was really happy to be • in the water? What are the lucky things that have happened • Say aloud oc - to - pus el - e - phantbutt - er - flykang - ga - roo Complete this picture and draw some plants, shells, stones and fish. Let’s write 4ful to the words given in brackets and complete the sentences. Make a _________________ drawing. (colour The puppy is so _____________ . (play) Be ______________ while crossing the road. ( care ) pe ace+f ul l=pe ace f ul pl ay+ f u l l = col our + f u l l = c a r e+ f u l l = hope+f ull= 3. _______________________. 4. _______________________. 5. _______________________. 6. I cannot ____________ but I can ____________. 7. I cannot ____________ but I can ____________. 8. I cannot ____________ but I can ____________. 4Give yourself a big star for being what you are. For myself: Just like that, he grows a trunk. He is very happy. “This is fun!” he says. Next, Little Monkey sees a zebra. “I want stripes like those,” he says. “WHIZZ!” Little Monkey has stripes all over his body, just like the zebra. He is very, very happy. He goes to the river to try out his new trunk. He looks down. He sees himself in the water. “Mother!” he cries. “Help! A monster!” “That’s not a monster,” says his mother. “That’s you.” “You want a giraffe’s neck, an elephant’s trunk and stripes like a zebra. Don’t you remember?” Little Monkey cries and cries. “I look AWFUL!” he says. “I want to be myself again.” There is a POP, a BANG and a WHIZZ. Little Monkey is himself again. He jumps for joy. gum girlgrow Let’s find Monkeys are fun to watch! Can you find the word monkeyfive times Now, write about your favourite animal or bird by • a bee a pride of lions a cow a flock of birds a lion a swarm of bees a bird a herd of cows Let’s write The monkey wrote to his mother – i look awful4He made two mistakes. What are they? Write the sentence correctly. _______________________________________________. 4Put the letters in order to make a word. Two have been done for you. one giraffe ___________ ___________ ___________ Count and write giraffes elephant __ zebra __ frog __ Add ‘s’ to the names of the animals two giraffes _____ elephants _______________ _______________ Count and write Teacher's Pages Unit-2 Unit 2 is an opportunity to share with children feelings that we can all be happy being what we are. Little children feel joyous when they are told how good they are, so use this Unit to make every child of your class feel special. Share this verse with the class after the activity – “So what if they are dark or fair, So what if they are tall or small, So what if they are 'this' or 'that', They are your children, And you love them for what they are.” This is the thought that needs to be nurtured. The movements, actions, activities of different animals/birds can be discussed. Poems in their mother tongues can be recited. Develop listening skills In this Unit involve the children in playing a ‘silence’ game. Let them all be gently guided to listen (to the sound of the fan, rustling of leaves), imagine (how the wind makes a noise/what the leaves are saying) and then speak (what they listened to or imagined). The focus is to develop in children the habit of listening. During the morning assembly, practise rhymes with actions. If possible, practice of sargam (music) / breathing exercises too can be introduced. Develop vocabulary Put up sight words like butterfly, myna, fish, elephant, candle, kangaroo, octopus in a rebus form (i.e. words + pictures) The children should be introduced to more collective nouns, for e.g; • an army of ants, a bunch of flowers... More exercises are to be given on punctuation. • Givechildrenmorepracticebyintroducingnewwordsformaking plurals. • and thenhave a class activity for the same. Name What I like about him/her 1. 2. 3. lHowever, now it is time to expose children to listen to two or more sounds to make words more systematically, e.g., when we bring ‘a’ and ‘t’ together, we make a family of ‘at’ words. After making the concept clear in their minds, we can show them how to make three-letter words with ‘at’, for e.g., a class game of making new words with ‘at’ (bat, cat, fat, rat) can now be continued. Keep adding to the list of words (ab, ad, ag, am, an, as, et, ed, eg, en, ot, ob, od, og, op, it, ib, ig, in, ip, ug, ub, ut…) More can be added. Develop writing skills Units 1 and 2 are an opportunity to revise the writing skills of Book One. This is also a time for children to listen to words pronounced by the teacher (as in apple) and createpictures(which can then lead themto sentenceformation). Develop the ability to follow directions MIDDLE BOTTOM Have the children describe what they see in the top, middle and bottom shelf of a school cupboard. If you do not have a cupboard, let the class be involved in drawing or making one with a cardboard box and then paint the top shelf – yellow, the middle –red and thebottom shelf – blue .

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