Let’s talk �Have you been to a zoo? �Name the animals which you have seen in a zoo. Say the names in your own language and then in English. �Name the animal you liked the most. Why? �Did you feed any animals at the zoo? Should Let’s listen Listen and put a tick ( ) against the words that the teacher says – it at think thank fun fan much match horses village cat dogs milk kittens hay pond grandmother cow cock hen In June we went to a ___________________ where my _______________ On her farm there are many animals. There are two _______________ , a ____________ with its _______________ , three ________ , one ______________ as well as a ___________ Every morning she feeds her animals with __________________ or ________________. on the farm. This is a ____________ . It has ____________ on its wings. It has ____________ antennas. It buzzes round the ____________ . It ____________ and ____________ and came to the zoo. Let’s do �Help the bee to reach its home. What are the things that it met on the way that rhyme with bee? “The sky is going to fall,” they all said. “We’re going to tell the King.” “The King lives here,” said Woxy Foxy. “Follow me.” And that was the end of Funny Bunny, Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Lucky Ducky and Poosey Goosey. �Funny Bunny wanted to tell _______________ (the king/the cock/the sky) what he saw. �Who said these words in the story? “Ouch! The sky is falling down.” “I must tell the King.” “The King lives here.” “Follow me.” �What happened to all the animals in the end? Funny Bunny, Cocky Locky, Henny Penny, Poosey Goosey, Woxy Foxy. sway Let’s write �Circle the odd one out. bun sun fun gun one bed fed led said red he me be tea we way say hay pay they •Find the opposites of the given words and make sentences. fat ________ ___________________________ fall ________ ___________________________ start ________ ___________________________ come ________ ___________________________ big ________ ___________________________ met _____ soon _____ way _____ bat _____ Let’s do Teacher's Pages Unit-5 This Unit is about sensitising children to creatures in nature. Spend time in talking about experiences at a zoo and about the pictures in this Unit. Ask children how can we be friends to animals? In what ways are zoo animals our friends? Read more stories on animals to them. Develop listening skills Read the text. Let the children close their eyes, hear and identify the following sounds as you or some children make them –• like a lionRoar • like a dogBark • like a horseNeigh �like a cowMoo • like a duckQuack • like a sparrowChirp Then ask them to open their eyes and ask them to roar like a ________. Let the children say which animal it is. Add other sounds. Develop pronunciation Say aloud with children words like – do zoo lake make hump bump loud proud funny bunny henny penny Exposure to language Let the sight words be the names of animals/ insects that the children have seen. These can be hung on the trees/ walls in the school campus. Develop speaking skills Have a 'group recitation' between the class groups. Appreciate their efforts. Do not force children who are not ready for speaking. Read Funny Bunny let children tell what might have happened if the animals had stopped to look around them. Look at the sign of To the fort. Help children with making more signs for directions to the house, park etc. Reading stories aloud, Repeated reading, Choral reading, story telling and re-writing activities can be encouraged. Develop writing skills To look, imagine and write a few sentences on questions from the text • is now expected, but keep a check tag and see whether the children are able to hold the pencil with a firm grip, and ensure they are able to enjoy writing. A class chart where everyone comes and writes her/his name under • their group (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green) is a wonderful opportunity to see them enjoy writing time. Make children construct meaningful sentences of opposites, so as to • make the meaning clear. Getting ready to follow instructions Teach words of greeting like namaskar/adab and other words that • mean 'hello'. Have the children take turns pretending they are saying 'hello' to • something in the classroom. Let the other children guess what the child is saying hello to. Say the poem together ‘Hello and Good bye’— All: Hello and Good bye Group Red When we are on a swing swinging low and then high. Good bye to the ground, Hello to the sky. Group Blue Hello rain, Goodbye to the Sun All: Hello and Goodbye. Encourage the children to make a story in their own words by looking • at the picture story. Take the children to visit a zoo. Talk about not hurting or teasing the • animals. Make a class collage.

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