I am the Music Man I am the music man, I come from far away, And I can play. What can you play? I play the piano. Pia, pia, piano, piano, piano , Pia, pia, piano, pia, piano . I am the music man, I come from far away, And I can play. What can you play? I play the big drum. Boomdi, boomdi, boomdi boom, Boomdi boom, boomdi boom. Boomdi, boomdi, boomdi boom, Read and enjoy this poem n -8itU 123 Boomdi, boomdi, boom. Pia, pia , piano, piano, piano, Pia, pia, piano, pia, piano. New words Let’s read music man, far away, play, piano, drum, boom Sonia is learning to play the . piano 124 Reading is fun ► ► Let’s talk ► ► Say aloud What are the two instruments that the music man can play? Where does the music man come from ? If the music man comes to you, what would you ask him to play for you? What would you like to learn – music, dance or karate? piano van wind pin valley wet pail vote wild Sing this song aloud together. Make up a tune. Heigh-ho! Heigh-ho! From home to school we go! Just keep on singing All day long Heigh-ho! Heigh-ho! Heigh-ho! Heigh-ho 125 Let’s write Make sentences using words from the table – For example : A farmer works in the field. Now write the sentences here – 1. _______________________________________________________. 2. _______________________________________________________. 3. _______________________________________________________. 4. _______________________________________________________. 5. _______________________________________________________. 6. _______________________________________________________. 7. _______________________________________________________. A farmer A soldier A singer An electrician A pilot An actor A musician acts flies plays wears sings repairs works songs in the field a uniform lights a plane music in films 126 ► How many musical instruments can you find in this maze? Try to circle at least four. i k t a r a l p o p d f s i t a r l t a r a u u u n s d m t p o t l k e ► Change these words from singular to plural. bench ___________ brush ___________ glass ___________ box ___________ bus ___________ tomato ___________ deer ___________ sheep ___________ tooth ___________ goose ___________ woman ___________ mouse ___________ ox ___________ child ___________ man ___________ class ___________ 127 The Mumbai Musicians Once upon a time, there lived a donkey named Goopu. He had worked for many years in the house of a farmer. He had carried many heavy sacks of corn and sugarcane, from the farm to the factory. He was now very tired and old. The farmer said to Goopu, “You are a good donkey. Take this sack of corn and go and see the world, before you become too old.” Goopu smiled and said goodbye. He set off towards the city of Mumbai. “I am good at music. I will go to Mumbai and be a musician there.” On the way he met a dog. 128 “Where are you going?” asked Doopu. “I am going to Mumbai to be a musician. Would you like to come too?” asked Goopu. “Yes, I would,” replied Doopu. Off went the two friends on the dusty road to Mumbai. They saw a ball of fur in the middle of the road. “Who are you?” they asked. “I am Furry, the cat,” said the cat. “Would you like to come with us to become a musician?” asked Goopu and Doopu together. 129 “Oh! I would love to come along,” replied Furry. So off went the three together to become Mumbai musicians. Soon they met Cuckoo, the cock. “I love music and wish to join your band.” They all reached a house with a light. They were tired and hungry. They peeped in through the window and saw a table with delicious food. They decided to sing to let the people inside know that they were musicians. 130 They sang. The people inside thought that ghosts had come to scare them. They ran away as fast as they could! Goopu, Doopu and Furry went into the house and ate the food, till they could eat no more. tired, musician, peeped, delicious, ghosts, scare New words 131 – Adapted from The Bremen Town Musicians by Grimm Reading is fun ► ► ► Let’s talk ► ► Why did the farmer tell Goopu to see the world? Why did Goopu, Doopu and Furry want to go to Mumbai? Why did the people in the house run away? If you were to join the animal band, which animal would you want to be? Create the sound of that animal. Get together with your friends. As a group create the sound of the animal each one of you wants to be. The donkey saw a ball of fur and it was a cat. If you were to see a big ball of fur what could that be? 132 ► Let’s sort out these words – Pick the words from the bags and put them on the right shelf. One has been done for you. Say the words aloud. 133 leg nest pig tree dice fish seed smile bell line hill deep lip meal well kite street Short ‘e’ words Short ‘i’ words Long ‘e’ words Long ‘i’ words deep leg pig smile Let’s write ► ► ► Do you play any musical instrument? Yes, I __________________________________________. If no, which instrument do you want to learn? I would _______________________________________. Add the word of the opposite gender in the given sentences. Anju’s and ____________ came to the school. My and __________ came to visit us on Monday. The and __________ looked lovingly at their cub. The and __________ sat on beautiful thrones. The is running and the ___________ is walking. My and ____________________ went to the market. mother uncle lion King man grandfather 134 135 Let’s play Bingo – ► ► Write any nine words from the given list in the boxes. Put only one word in one box. The teacher will call out any six words. If the word she calls out is in the box put a cross on it. The one who crosses out all the words first shouts “Bingo” and is the winner. young few smooth light outside slow good beautiful up slow fat happy Fun time ► In what way are these musical instruments different from each other? Put them into three groups based on how they are played. 136 Guitar Violin Dhafli Dholak Tabla Shehnai Iktara Flute Sitar 137 play uo w y i t th ah f t in s g t e n r e s m urts nI mu e rt n s ts nIgnirtS yout b a lo ht w s i t n n t e o murts nI ► This is the picture of a musical instrument called a . Get six to ten bowls of the same size and shape. Pour water into the bowls. Keep the water at different levels. Use two pencils and strike the rim of the bowls to make musical sounds. Jaltarang Make your own Jaltarang l l l 138 ► The word is made up of two words Jal - water, tarang - music. Now make new words by joining two words. One has been done for you. Jaltarang news paper school bag tooth paste neck lace some one bath room time table foot ball car pet newspaper Let’s practise 139 Teacher's Page Unit-8 140 Unit 8 encourages the children to learn/hear music or musical instruments. Children can be asked to sing the poem aloud with the class orchestra – where children clap, tap and drum their tiffin boxes, benches, etc. to make the sounds of musical instruments. If possible, the teacher should show the children musical instruments before beginning the lesson. The teacher can inculcate in children a love for the old and the weak. Children love stories and as the Unit is read, an emphasis can be laid on the generosity of the farmer (who not only asked the donkey who was growing old to see the world but also gave him some corn) by using voice modulation. This can often be done during fun time. In the section teacher should try to encourage the children by reminding them the names of various animals that can be kept at home. In the section teacher should call out the opposites of the twelve words given in random order. In the section of the poem, teacher should emphasise the usage of ‘a’ by asking the children to pick up objects and name them with an ‘a’. e.g., a pencil box. In the section see that children distinguish between ‘b’ and ‘v’ and ‘v’ and ‘w’ sounds. This unit calls for a new listening skill. As you read the poem, the children listen to the sound of words. They grow in their appreciation and understanding of the beauty and feeling which some words convey. Let the children read the poem with you until most of them learn to say it. Ask them how the poem makes them feel. An exposure to the English language is important. Prepare the child to receive language. This is more important than asking her/him to learn texts by heart. l l l l l Develop listening skills Raising awareness Let’s talk Fun time Let’s write Let’s say

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