Counting in Groups Look and Guess the Number ✹Look at how different things are kept in groups. Try to guess the total number without counting each thing. __________ bangles __________ pairs of earrings ✹many each How in group? __________ ✹Guess the total number of spoons. _________ Ask children to guess the numbers of things around them. The idea here is to encourage them to look at the arrangement of objects and use the strategy of counting in groups. More than 45 Number of pencils in✹ Less than 45your class More than 20 Number of spokes in✹ Less than 20one cycle wheel More or Less, Let Us Guess Ring the correct answer: Number of teeth in your mouth ✹ Number of seeds in an orange ✹ Number of matchsticks✹ in a matchbox More than 40 Less than 40 More than 50 Less than 50 More than 30 Less than 30 Hop Till You Drop How many times can you hop on your ✹ right foot without falling? _______ How many times can you hop on your ✹ left foot without falling? _______ Join the Dots Jojo doggy is hungry. Join the dots in order, from 21 to 52, and find out what is hidden for him to eat. 37Naughty Bhurru Bhurru has torn some pages of this book. Write the page numbers in the correct order. Puzzling Tail Chipku rat has a long tail. When he was sleeping, naughty cat thought of tying his tail to the poles. She started from the pole with the biggest number. She moved on to the smaller numbers in order. Help her in tying. But the tail should not cross itself anywhere. The Big Carrot An old man planted a carrot seed. The carrot grew big and sweet. It grew very very big! He tried to pull out the carrot but it did not come out. He quickly called his wife. The old man pulled the carrot leaves and the old woman pulled him. But they could not pull it out. The old woman called her granddaughter. The old man, the old woman and the granddaughter tried but could not pull the carrot out. 14 The granddaughter called the dog. The old man, his wife, the granddaughter and the dog could not pull the carrot out. Then the dog called the cat. Everyone pulled and the cat held on to the dog's tail. The carrot did not move. The cat called the mouse. They all pulled hard together and the carrot came out. ZABOOM! They all fell down! They were so excited! I am the So they all went tostrongest. the kitchen to make gajar ka halwa and ate it up. 15 children stand in a line. Assign them positions as first, second, third etc. with respect to some reference point. Give them interesting tasks to perform, such as 'third child, tickle your partner', 'second child, hold your nose', etc.

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