9 My Funday One day Monday went to Tuesday to see Wednesday and ask Thursday to tell Friday and also Saturday that Sunday is Funday! ✿Is Sunday a funday for you? ✿is to be the first day of the week. Now Monday happy you tell — a) The third day of the week is _______________. b) The fifth day of the week is _______________. c) The second day of the week is _______________. d) The last day of the week is _______________. ✿Which day will come a) After Sunday? _______________ b) Before Sunday? _______________ While doing this chapter, the use of a calendar would be helpful. Encourage children to refer to a calendar to identify the order of days in sequence. 66 c) After Wednesday? _______________ d) Before Wednesday? _______________ e) 2 days after Sunday? _______________ f) 4 days after Wednesday? _______________ g) 7 days after Monday? _______________ Think, think ! ✿Which day do you like most? Why? What is the day today? _________✿ Which day was it yesterday? _________✿ Which day will it be tomorrow? _________✿ Which day will it be the day after tomorrow? _______✿ Which day was it the day before yesterday? ✿_________ Teacher-Teacher Some children of Class II–A love to play "Teacher-Teacher". They have decided to take turns in playing the teacher's role. Day Who will play teacher's role Monday Vaibhav Tuesday Alpana Wednesday Gaurav Thursday Gurpreet Friday Deepak Saturday Rehnuma 67 Look at the time table of Class II-A and fill in the table: Period On which days? Drawing Music Games Library ✿In Your Class a) On which days do you have a games period? b) How many children would like to have a games period every day? __________ c) What games do you play in your games period? d) On which days do you have a drawing period? e) Do you have a music period? __________ If yes, on which days? ___________________ f) Which day of the week do you like best at school? 69 What I like best Months in which it comes Fruit __________ Vegetable __________ Flower __________ ✿Write the names of five festivals that you or your friends celebrate. Also, write the months in which these festivals come. Name of the Month in which festival it comes February is Different 4 months have thirty days7 months have thirty-oneFebruary is the shortest month In some years it jumps for fun. Look at a calendar to find out: Which months have 30 days? ✦ How many months have 31 days? _____________✦ How many days are there in February? ___________✦ How many days together are there in May and June? ✦ How many Sundays are there in July? ____________✦ What is the day on your birthday? ___________✦ Find Out How many days do you get for your summer holidays? How many winter holidays do you have? ____________ The picture shows a popular way to remember long and short months. Starting with January, the long months sit on the knuckles, while short months are in the spaces between. 73 1) Have you ever felt — a) Your teeth chattering with cold? Yes/No b) Your feet burning on walking barefoot? Yes/No c) Name one month when you can easily walk barefoot. ______________________________________ 2) a) Have you seen it raining for many days? Yes/No b) In which month does it rain the most in your area? 3) a) Which are the hottest months in your area? b) Which are the coldest months in your area? 4) Which fruits and vegetables are seen a lot in the market in these months? Write or draw: Fruits

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