✤Make a group of 3-4 friends. Find out by drawing lines whose step is the longest. ✤Find the distance between a) the door and any window of your class. b) the blackboard and where you are sitting. Hand or Fingers? Rajat wants to find out the length of a few things using his handspan. These are shown in the picture. Can he use a handspan to ★ find the length of all these ? Which things around you are less ★ than your handspan? Name them. What would you use to find the length of those things? ★ Activity Make a mud house. See whose mud house is higher. You can use your fingers to find how high your mud house is. Who made the highest ★ mud house? Whose mud house is the smallest? ★ Make a Guess See these two coconut trees. If the bigger tree is 6 metres high, about how high is the smaller tree? Demonstrate the correct use of units like fingers, handspans and matchsticks. Ask children to take an object and measure it using different units. ❈Use your fingers to find out the distance between the rat and the milk. ________ fingers ❈How far is the cat from the rat? ________ fingers ❈How far is the cat from the milk? ________ fingers ❈What will the cat reach first — the rat or the milk? ❈Can the rat save itself ? How? ❈Tell a story using this picture. ❈How long is the rat's tail? ________ fingers ❈Who has longer whiskers? The rat or the cat? ✦Draw a leaf 2 fingers away from the stone. ✦Draw a banana 5 matchsticks away from the monkey. ✦Draw a kite 7 fingers away from the stone. ✦Draw a cloud 3 matchsticks away from the kite. ✦Draw a bird 4 fingers away from the banana. Draw yourself anywhere on the page. Find how far you are from the monkey's nose. Let children measure and draw in any direction from the given reference object. They will measure distances in different directions. This can form the basis for a discussion on directions.

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