Looking Around

Water O’ Water ! Water I’ll wash my face with water, Said Munna to his Nani . We all quench our thirst with water, We are all alive because of water. Water has been with us for ages, Its story can fill so many pages! Somewhere it is dew, Somewhere it is snow, steam is also water as you know. Water has forms so many, that is what says my Nani . The river flow, the waterfalls sing, And water swells in lakes and springs. Life on earth it has brought, watered fields and life they got. But when the water breaks in floods, Great misfortune it always works. —S HRI P RASAD (Translated from the Hindi) Children may sing songs and poems related to water that are commonly sung in their region, in the class. This will bring them closer to their community and arts of their region. 19 3

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