Foods We Eat Last night, I ate a I cooked dal and rice. chapati made of bajra with jaggery (gur). Yesterday no food was cooked in my house. I went to the gurudwara with my grandmother for the langar. We ate dal and chapati. My mother cookedAmmi had cooked kheer and fish. I ate lots of it.poori which I don't like. So I It was really tasty.ate an omelette instead. My mother brought noodles for us from the house where she works. We enjoyed eating it. 36 ❉ Now on the blackboard write the names of all the food items that you have written on your plate. ❉ Did all the children in the class eat the same food items yesterday? Why? ❉ You must have noticed that in the picture (Page 36) there is one child in whose house no food was cooked. What could be the reason? ❉ Has it ever happened to you that on some day you were very hungry but there was nothing to eat? If yes, why ? ❉ How do you know that you are hungry? ❉ How do you feel when you are hungry? It is important to develop a rapport with children and create an environment where they can express themselves freely and their views are heard with tolerance. By knowing about what others eat we become more aware and lose some of our inhibitions regarding different food habits. This will help us to understand others better. Vipul’s family In Vipul's family, there are some members who do not eat what Vipul eats. Do you think these people ‘do not eat’ or ‘cannot eat’ what Vipul eats? Let us read about Vipul's family. While returning home from school, Vipul bought a bhutta (corn on the cob). He reached home and asked his mother – Where is Chhutki? I want to see her. His mother replied – Chhutki is in the room upstairs. Vipul caught his grandmother’s hand and said – You also come upstairs with me. His mother stopped him – I have soaked Ba’s chapati in dal. Let her first have her meal. Have you put sugar in the dal ? After coming to Nagpur you have forgotten our own way of making food – said Dadi to Vipul’s mother. I have tasted the dal. It has been prepared well – replied Vipul’s mother. Vipul picked up his grandmother’s plate and ran upstairs. He asked her to follow him quickly. When I was your age I could run up a hill in the same time – said Dadi. Vipul gave the bhutta he was eating to his Mami, washed his hands and lifted little Chhutki. Suddenly Chhutki started crying. She is hungry – said Mami. She sat down to feed Chhutki. ❉ Why was Dadi not able to climb the stairs quickly? ❉ How does Dadi like to have her dal? ❉ How many persons in the story can eat bhutta easily and why? ❉ Can all old people eat bhutta? Why? ❉ For four months Chhutki will have only her mother’s milk. That is her only food. Why? Ask your elders and fill in the table. What can they eat What can they not eat Child Young Old So this was about things that we can or cannot eat. Do we eat all the things that we can eat? Not always. Let us talk about those things that we do eat. Put on the things that you eat often. rice maize wheat millet barley kappa (tapioca) oats ragi Most of our food is made of these things. Depending on what grows easily at which place, different things are eaten at different places. We not only eat different things but we also use the same things to prepare a variety of food items. Find out and write what all can be prepared from rice and wheat. How many things did you write? Similarly, different pulses, vegetables, fruits, meat, etc., are eaten in different places. People have different likes and dislikes. Let us talk about it. Likes and dislikes Write the names of three food items you like to eat and three that you dislike. Like Dislike Are your likes and dislikes similar to that of ♦ your family members? ♦ your friends? Let us talk to some people and know what they like to eat – What are the reasons that decide what we eat? Put a ‘9’ on them. Add to the list. ♦ What is easily available. ♦ What we can buy. ♦ Customs and traditions. ♦ ________________________ ♦ ________________________ ❉ Names of some things are given below. Put a ‘9’ on the things that can be eaten. If there is anything about which you are not sure ask your teacher. ❉ Write the names of some food items that you have never eaten before but feel like eating.

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