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Saying without Speaking Dumb Charades Let us play a game. In this game, everyone has to let others know what they want to tell without speaking. Divide yourselves into groups of seven. Your teacher will give each group a piece of paper with a situation written on it. Each group will read what is written on the paper and prepare a silent act. Keep in mind that you cannot speak. You can express through your face and body actions. When all the groups are ready with their act, they have to perform one by one in front of the other groups. The others will have to guess what is being acted out. How did you like this game? Did you find it difficult to act without speaking? Look at the picture given on the next page. The children in the picture are talking to each other through actions. D Have you ever seen anyone talking through actions? D When do people need to talk like this? Choose situations which children can understand and relate to, so that they can perform better in such acts or games. 43 7

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