Flying High On my head I have a crest, All say I dance the best, Of my feathers I am proud, Before the rain I cry aloud _____________________________. Long and grooved is my tail, High up in the sky I sail, I pick and eat all the mice. The ________ is what you call me. My feathers are green, My beak’s red, Guava and green chilli I’m fed, I love to copy people’s voice, And keep making a lot of noise ____________________. Black are my feathers and black is my _____________. kau-kau I do all day long _________________________. 50 Koohu-Koohu is my sound, Everywhere I am found, My sweet voice gives me fame, _____________ is my name. Dead animals I do eat, Making places clean and neat, High up in the _______ I fly, Vulture is what I’m called by. My beak is very special, I use it like a needle, My beak is pink, feathers Stitching leaves I makegrey, my home,Guter Ghoo I go on all day, The _______ bird is how In houses I make my home, I’m known. A _______ is how I’m known. In trunk of trees holes I make, Hidden insects I intake, Tuk-tuk-tuk I work all day. The woodpecker is what people say. 51 Why is there so much noise in the jungle? I just cannot sleep. Dear Owl, the birds are all praising themselves and shouting. The owl said – Stop this hullabaloo. Why are you quarrelling ? We are all special in our own ways. Our claws, beaks, feathers and sounds are different yet we are all birds. If we all looked alike, ate the same food and made the same sounds, think how dull the world would be! ❉ Which of the birds mentioned in the lesson have you seen? Write their names. ❉ Now go outside and look for birds on trees, in water, on the ground, in and around bushes. How many birds could you see? ❉ In the table write the names of birds and ‘9’ the place where you saw them. If you do not know the names of any bird then write how you would know it. If the children see the birds outside they can recognise them easily even when drawn on paper. In order to fill in the blanks it is important that the children know the characteristics of birds even if they do not know their names. 52 Where you saw it Name of In water On the On the In the Flying the bird tree ground house Have you ever noticed that different birds have different types of beaks. Given below are pictures of beaks of birds. Look at them carefully. Identify the birds and write their names. In order to develop children’s interest in birds let them observe the birds quietly. They should also learn to note down their observations. 53 In the blank space draw a picture of the beak of some other bird, colour it and write its name. Just as birds have different types of beaks, they also eat different types of food. While some eat fruits, some eat seeds. Some eat eggs, while others eat fish. Match the birds with their food. 5454 Have you ever noticed that birds fly and walk in different ways. Their neck movements also differ. The mynah moves her neck back and forth with a jerk. The owl can rotate its neck backwards to a large extent. Can you move your neck like the owl? There are some birds which can imitate our voice. Do you know the name of any such bird? Draw its picture in your notebook, colour it and write its name. Go outside and watch how birds walk and move their necks. Look at their feathers and listen to the sounds made by them. Copy the sounds made by any three birds. Copy their neck movements too. Ask your friends to guess which birds you copied. The feathers of birds are of different colours, shapes and sizes. Their feathers help them to fly and keep them warm too. From time to time birds lose their old feathers and new ones grow in their place. You must have often seen feathers of birds lying around. Collect feathers which you find lying around. Study their shape, size, colour and discuss about it. Make the picture of a bird in your notebook and paste the feathers on it. Write its name. ❉ Other than birds, which are the other animals that can fly ? ❉ If you could fly like a bird where would you like to go? What else would you do? What would happen if birds could not fly but only walk on their feet? Let’s make a cock Take a square piece of paper. 1. Fold it along the dotted lines as shown in the picture. 2. Fold the paper into half along the dotted line. 3. Now fold the paper along the dotted line in the direction of the arrow. 4. Fold the paper to make the beak of the cock as shown in the picture. 5. Take a piece of red paper and cut it in the shape of a crest of a cock. Paste this on the head of the cock. 6. Cut a small round circle from a black paper. Paste it to make the eye of the cock. Now, the cock is ready!

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