It’s Raining I must get water in my trunk – said Appu. He started walking towards the river. Appu drank water till he was happy. He bathed his body with his trunk. Appu ate bananas Appu likes bananas very much. He plucks and eats bananas from the trees every day. One day, he saw that the banana trees were drooping. It had not rained for a long time. Then he carried water in his trunk and poured it on the banana trees. As soon as the banana trees got water they came alive. Appu said – From now on I will get water for you everyday. After all, you also give me ripe and tasty bananas. 57 ❉ How did Appu know that the banana trees needed water? ❉ From where do the plants growing around your house get water? ❉ Appu drank water from the river till he was happy. Have you seen animals drinking water? Where? ❉ Have you ever given water to any animal? If yes, which animal? ❉ Some animals are not given water by anyone. From where do they drink water? You read in the story that Appu watered the banana tree. But elephants don’t water trees. Then, where do plants get water from? Plants mostly get water from rain. When it rains plants seem to get a new look. Let us read a poem. Clouds Fair and white, grey and black, The clouds arrive in a magic pack. Elephants and horses, Dogs and fawns. Sometimes they look, Like a pair of swans. In moments they come, In moments they go. Sometimes they freeze, and for weeks they stay, And sometimes they disappear, For many a day. Sometimes they pour, Sometimes they thunder. Spreading the colours, In a rainbow of wonder. And sometimes they hail, Pelting the ground. Breaking the glass, In ringing chimes. —HARISH NIGAM (Translated from the Hindi) CHAKMAK (Eklavya) The poet saw many things in the clouds. Have you ever seen anything in the clouds? What? ❉ What all do the clouds do? ❉ Have you ever seen a rainbow? When can you see a rainbow? ❉ How do you feel when it rains? ❉ Apart from clouds, what do you see when it rains? ❉ What happens when it rains? When it rains, making paper boats and floating them on water is really fun. Isn’t it? Make a paper boat and float it on water. Have you had any problems during rains? Have you seen anyone else having any problems due to rains? Draw a picture of your experience in the rain. When it rains, some are happy, some are sad By listening to children’s experiences related to rain, a discussion can take place on the good and bad effects of rain.

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