Look at the picture. Colour the spaces which have dots in them. What do you see? In the picture, you must have found some utensils that are used for cooking. Are there any other utensils used in your house for cooking? Which are they? What are utensils made of ? We do not cook all the things that we eat. Find out which things we eat raw and which ones we cook before eating. Which are the things we eat both cooked and raw? Fill in the table given below. Things that are Things that are Things that are eaten eaten raw eaten cooked both raw and cooked Have you seen a chapati being made in the kitchen or any where else? There are so many things to be done for this – taking out flour in a utensil, kneading it into a dough, making small balls of the dough, rolling out the balls and then cooking it on fire. After all this, the chapati reaches your plate after so much of effort. Go to the kitchen and observe something being cooked. What all was done to cook it? Write the sequence. Don’t forget to write the name of the item being cooked. Look at the notebook of your classmates and discuss in a group. Name of the item 1. 2.3. 4. 5.6. You have seen that food items are cooked in a variety of ways. Some are baked and some are fried. Some are roasted while some are steamed. Given below are different methods of cooking. Write the names of two things cooked by each of these methods. Add some more methods of cooking to the list and give examples too. Method of cooking Names of things Roasting Boiling Frying Baking Children can consult their family members too. This will develop in them an understanding, that besides the teacher, other people can also be a source of information. ❉ What is used to cook food in your house? Draw a picture in the notebook and write its name. ❉ Identify the pictures given below and write their names. What produces heat in each of them? Match the picture with the list. Matching can be with more than one thing also. Kerosene Oil Coal Electricity Gas Wood Sunlight Cowdung cakes Children’s experiences on methods of cooking may be interesting. A discussion can be held on how the fuel used in our homes affect the environment. 64 Make and eat Soak whole moong seeds overnight in water. In the morning wrap the soaked moong in a wet cloth and cover it. Take it out after a day. Do you find any difference? Add sliced onions, tomatoes, salt and lemon juice to the moong and mix. Share it with your classmates. Which are the other things you can prepare without cooking? Write their names and the method of preparing them. One example is given below. Mix Add LemonStrain 1. Lemon Water sugar in lemon water isit water juice ready 2. ______________ 3. ______________ Children enjoy preparing food together. They can prepare things depending on what is easily available and what kind of things are eaten in their region.

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