Looking Around

Making Pots Once there was a sparrow called Phudgudi and a crow called Bhanate. They were fast friends. One day Bhanate said – O Phudgudi! If you lay eggs first then I will eat them and if I lay eggs first then you can eat them. Agreed! Phudgudi agreed. A few days later Phudgudi laid an egg. Bhanate said – Give me your egg. I will eat it. Do give it. Give it! Give it. Phudgudi was scared. She said – Yes, but I want you to first go and wash your beak in the river. Bhanate went to the river bank and said to it – O river ! Yes, brother – said the river. Bhanate – O river, please give me some water. With cold water, I’ll wash my beak. Eating the egg, is what I seek. The river said – But how will you fill water? Get a pot. Bhanate went to the potter and said – O potter ! please give me a pot. 96 15

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