Looking Around

Games We Play All the children were playing stappoo (hop-scotch) in the lane. Avantika and her sister Nandita were also playing. But Nandita was not able to play the game in the right way. Avantika:Listen to me carefully, Nandita. Understand the game. Throw the marker ( thippi ) in the first box. Then on one leg jump over this box into the next one. Keep in mind, you can put both your feet down together only in the boxes marked 4-5 and 7-8. Take care, your feet should not touch the lines. If it touches you are In the lesson, the names of some local games like hop-scotch, seven tiles, etc., and the things used to play them, like the marker have been mentioned. Since many of these games have their own local variations and names, a discussion on those will make the chapter more relevant to the child. 101 16

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