Looking Around

A Beautiful Cloth Sajida's sister gave her a very beautiful dupatta . The dupatta had beautiful embroidery and small mirrors stuck on it. After finishing dinner, Sajida tried to wear the dupatta in different ways. Soon she got tired playing with the dupatta and fell asleep wearing it. She was thinking about the dupatta even in her dream – How would such a beautiful dupatta have been made? How do you think Sajida’s dupatta was made? D Take a dupatta or a long piece of unstitched cloth. Drape it in different ways. In how many ways, could you wear it? D Did anyone wear it like a lungi or use it as a turban? In what other ways was the cloth worn? D Look at any six garments at home. What differences do you find in their texture,their colour and design? D Look at a thick cloth or a sack carefully. Can you see threads running along its length and breadth? You will 154 23

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