PlantsSnake Grass By now, you must have read almost the complete book. You have read about trees, water, houses, animals, vehicles and many other things. You must have thought about them as well. Can you tell, why did we try to know and think about all these things? Bird Moon Cow Rat Soil HouseAir How are we linked to the things shown in the picture? Come, let us find out – ❉ First of all, draw your picture in the blank space. 157 ❉ Now, join your picture with lines to all those things which you feel are needed for you to live. ❉ Have you joined your picture to the house ? ❉ Let's see, with what other things can we join the house to. Think – What is a house made of ? ♦ Wood – Which comes from trees. ♦ Bricks – Which are made from water and clay. ♦ Clay – We get from the soil, and ♦ Water – we get it from rivers, ponds, wells or rain. It must be clear to you with which pictures or words you need to join the house. In the same way, join all the things with other things related to them. While doing so, you might need to write the names of a few more things. What have you finally got? A big web! Isn’t it? What can you understand from this web ? Share your web with your friends. Also, have a look at the web made by your friends. Are they all alike ? Discuss with your friends. The web made by the children will help them appreciate the interdependence of things in the environment. A discussion on this subject in the class will help them in making the web.

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