UNIT IV Have you ever collected shells? Enjoy this poem about a shell that sings. Sea Song I found a shell, a curly one, Lying on the sand, I picked it up and took it home, Cold inside my hand. Mummy looked at it and then She held it to my ear, And from the shell there came a song, Soft and sweet and clear. Reading is Fun 1. Where did the child find the sea shell? 2. What did the child do with the shell? 3. What did the child hear?Word building i. Pick the rhyming words from this box and pair them in the spaces below. The first one has been done for you. found cold took sand mummy look hand sound bold tummy 1. found 2. _______ 3. _______ 4. _______ 5. _______ sound _______ _______ _______ _______ ii. Fill in the blanks with the opposite word choosing from the box below. The first one is done for you. hot false short straight drop soft went small gave outside bitter lost found lost took __________ hard __________ big __________ inside __________ came __________ __________ cold __________ __________ sweet __________ __________ tall __________ But you must go for many, many days. Choose the right words. 1. The sea is very, very ___________________ (big/far). 2. You cannot ___________________ (hear/see) the other side. 3. You ___________________ (can/cannot) cross the sea. 4. You can cross it in a ___________________ (bus/ship) Say aloud She sells sea-shells. She sells sea-shells on the sea-shore. Read the following Silence Birds sing. Phones ring. People talk. Dogs bark. Cows moo. Cocks crow. Bees buzz. Children hush! A bird singing A cow mooing A phone ringing A dog barking A cock crowing A Little Fish Story There are a great many million fish in the seas, but this story is about just one of them, and a very small one at that. Now this little fish had everything in the seas to make him contented, but he was not happy. You will laugh when I tell you why he was not. He was unhappy because he was so very small. “It is very hard to be such a little mite of a fish!” he would say, over and over again. “If I were only larger, how much happier I could be.” And he said it so many times that I think he believed it. One day he was swimming along with the rest of his school and thinking, no doubt, how much more the larger fish had to be thankful for than he, when suddenly, with no warning, they found themselves in the meshes of a great net. There was much floundering and splashing as the net was drawn up out of the water into the sunlight, and just as its haul was being emptied into the boat, the smallest fish in the school wriggled through the mesh and slipped back into the cool clear water. How good it felt! He swam here and there and everywhere, and some of the fish who knew him well all the rest of his life, said that they never again heard him say that he wished to be anything but a little fish. Enos B. Comstock Talk time 1. Imagine you are a little fish. Describe what you might see around you. 2. In your class, talk about the time you were caught doing something you were not supposed to do. You can discuss in your own language as well as in English. Word building 1. Look at the pattern and fill in the blanks. look looked talk _____________ pick _____________ wish _____________ bark _____________ pull _____________ want _____________ help _____________ Fill in the blanks with the right word from the box. paper flowers water matches cows wolves a glass of ____________ a bunch of ____________ a box of ____________ a herd of a sheet of ____________ a pack of Let’s write Look at the following sentence. If I were only larger, how much happier I could be. taller thinner 1. 2. If I were only_______________________________, 3. ____________________________________________________________ 4. ____________________________________________________________ 5. ____________________________________________________________ 6. ____________________________________________________________ Say aloud blunder wonder thunder plunder flounder Song time Singing or Crying? Mahesh sings a little song. Venkatesh looks at him. 1. Mahesh sings a __________ (long/little) song. 2. Venkatesh __________ (looks/shouts) at him. 3. Venkatesh thinks Mahesh is __________ (crying/laughing). 4. Mahesh is __________ (singing/saying) a song. 5. The song is in __________ (Telugu/English).

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