UNIT V Does a balloon man visit your market? Let’s see what this Reading is fun 1. Where does the balloon man stand? 2. What happens to the balloons when there is a wind? 3. What does the child like to see the balloon man do? Talk time 1. How high can balloons fly? 2. What do you like about this poem? Word building i. Identify the words from the jumbled letters and write the word in the space provided. llaboons _____________ cunlh _____________ ulbe _____________ ploeep _____________ wolbe _____________ crat _____________ ii. Put the words given in the box into the following groups (a) nature ______________ ______________ (b) food ______________ ______________ (c) colours ______________ ______________ iii. How many colours can you find hidden in this maze? Write their names below. A B C D E O R A N G E P G H I J K L M N U R Q R S T P U R R U Y U W H I T E P E E B V W X X D L N L L I F O G H E U L U O M B R O W N N O E L Q L W A R S T W V E X A X Z N A B C D T F C G H I G N K L M N K O P I N K G T 1. ____________ 2. ____________ 5. ____________ 3. ____________ 4. ____________ 6. ____________ iv. Fill in the blanks in the balloons with their opposites. You can find them in the poem The Balloon Man. One is done for you. THE YELLOW BUTTERFLY A yellow butterfly flew around in Sonu’s garden. Where did the butterfly go? Near the garden was a pond. In the pond was a white lotus. Around it grew round leaves. They floated in the water. The butterfly sailed on a floating leaf. Sonu saw the butterfly. He ran to catch it. The butterfly flew to the rose bed. It sat on a red rose. “Now I can catch it!” said Sonu. He walked slowly and silently to catch the butterfly. He came closer, closer, and still closer, but then... Off flew the butterfly! Sonu could not see it at all. He looked everywhere. At last he saw the butterfly. There was a big spider's web in the peach tree. The butterfly was caught in the spider's web. It looked sad as it tried to escape. It fluttered its wings. It twisted and turned. But it could not escape. The spider’s web held it tight. Poor butterfly! In the middle of the web was a big spider. It looked hungry. It wanted to catch the butterfly. Closer and closer crawled the black spider. Before the hungry spider could grab it, Sonu ran and... he caught the butterfly! It was so pretty. It had brown spots on its yellow wings. Sonu loved the little butterfly. But it looked sad in Sonu’s hand. Sonu wanted it to be happy. “Go,” said Sonu, “Fly away!” He let the butterfly go. It sat on the red rose. It flew to the peach tree and then sailed on a lotus leaf. It flew merrily from flower to flower. Sonu watched it fly and fly. The butterfly flew all around Sonu’s garden....happy and free once again. Nilima Sinha New words escape, pond, peach, climb, catch, middle, hungry, float, shout, chase, flutter, twist Reading is fun 1. Where did Sonu first see the yellow butterfly? 2. Name three places where the butterfly rested. 3. Why did Sonu chase the butterfly? 4. Why did Sonu let the butterfly go? Talk time 1. If you were a butterfly, how would you feel if you were caught? 2. Why did the butterfly go to the flowers in the garden? 3. Say these sentences aloud. Butterflies can fly. Birds can fly. Kites can fly. Aeroplanes can fly. Can we fly? No, we can’t. We can fly in an aeroplane. Let’s write Write the sentences in proper order using these words to help you: 1. Finally, I dress up and go to school. 2. Then I brush my teeth and have a bath. 3. First of all, I get out of bed. 4. After this I eat my breakfast. Team time Activity: Paper fun Let’s make a butterfly. 1. Take a sheet of paper. Cut two squares of the same size. 2. Fold them like a fan. 3. Hold both the folded squares and tie a thread in the middle. 4. Now spread the folds, and the wings of your butterfly are ready. 5. Cut the body of the butterfly and draw its eyes. Put a smile on its face. 6. Stick it on the wings and your butterfly is ready. 7. You may decorate your butterfly by sticking some bindis, beads or sequins on it. Word building Make two words from one word. One has been done for you. butterfly butter fly everywhere ________ ________ inside ________ ________ outside ________ sunlight ________

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