�Underline all the action words in the poem. Talk time �Why do boys and girls have the most fun? Let’s write 1. Match the words in Column A with those in Column B. Column A Column B Lions wiggle Squirrels hop Flies swing Seals leap Worms walk Monkeys crawl Birds dive 2. Now make sentences of your own using the matching words. 3. Arrange these movement words from slow to fast. 4. Underline the letters which are silent in the following words: Say aloud Squirrel, squirrel on the tree Running quiet as can be Quickly, quickly Come catch me ! What do you do when you are bored? Lakshmamma sings a song when she is bored. Ratnakar reads a book. Gopal talks to his friends. Anjaiah writes a story. Leelamma goes for a walk. Prabhakar goes to sleep. What do you do when you are bored? MCYK THE SHIP OF THE DESERT Lion (roaring): Who are you? Camel (looking down at the Lion): I am the Ship of the Desert. Who are you? Lion: Don’t you know me? I’m the King of the Forest. Camel: Are you? Oh, I see. Lion (frowning): You call yourself the Ship of the Desert. How can you be a ship, you’re an animal? Camel (smiling): So I am, but people call me the Ship of the Desert. I can walk across the desert even on a hot afternoon. The sand burns but it doesn’t bother me. Lion: I can’t believe it. Camel: Can you walk across a desert? Lion (blinking): No, I can’t, but I can run in the forest. Camel (with disdain): Every animal can do that. I alone can run on sand. I can run on sand at 25 kilometres an hour. Lion (wonderingly): How can you do that? MCYK Camel: Look at my feet. They are thick and padded. The hot sun does not burn them. Lion: My feet are padded too. Thorns don’t prick them and I can run 80 kilometres an hour. Camel: That is true. You can run 80 kilometres an hour in the forest but can you run even a mile on the hot sand? Lion: May be not but.... Camel (interrupting): And you can't live without water for a week, can you? Lion: No, I can’t. I need water everyday. But don’t tell me you can do without water? Camel: Yes, I can. There are no rivers or lakes in a desert. But that does not bother me. I can drink 200 bottles of water at a time. Lion: Really! You must have a big stomach! Camel (proudly): Yes, I have a big stomach. I can store water for a week. I can store food for two weeks even. Lion (showing a lot of interest): Do you store food in your stomach? Camel: No, I don’t. I store it in my hump. I eat a lot of food at one time. Then I don’t need to eat for a fortnight. Lion: That’s interesting. But what do you eat? Camel: I eat leaves, but there are no trees in a desert. Lion: What do you eat there? Camel: There are thorny bushes in the desert. I eat the thorns. The thorns don’t prick my thick tongue. Lion: How funny! Camel: Mr King of the Forest, please come with me to the desert. Lion: No, I’d better not. I can’t walk on burning sand, I can’t store food and water and I can’t eat thorns. Good bye and good luck, Mr Ship of the Desert. S.K. Ram New words Ship of the Desert, miles, King of the Forest, sand, thorns VIERAPHSICCYKMG KPIVIEGRAHCSReading is fun 1. Why is the Camel called the Ship of the Desert? 2. For how many weeks can a camel store food in its hump? 3. What does the camel eat in the desert? 4. Choose the right answer. i. Name the Ship of the Desert (a) lion (c) camel (b) crab (d) tiger ii. Name the King of the Forest (a) lion (c) monkey (b) owl (d) crocodile iii. The feet of the camel are (a) thick and padded (c) thick and fat (b) long and fat (d) thin and padded iv There are no rivers or lakes in (a) plains (c) plateaus (b) mountains (d) deserts v. At a time a camel can drink (a) 200 bottles of water (c) 100 bottles of water (b) 400 bottles of water (d) 300 bottles of water vi. A camel stores its food in its (a) stomach (c) legs (b) hump (d) lips Word building Make as many words as you can from within the given words. The first one is done for you. FROWNING __________ ___________ ___________ BLINKING __________ ___________ ___________ WONDERINGLY __________ ___________ ___________ Match the pictures with the words given below tusk beak mane whiskers hoof feet fin paw MCYK Let’s write Look at the goats in the pictures and write about them. 1. ___________________________________ 2. ___________________________________ 3. ___________________________________ Talk time Read these words aloud, paying attention to their spellings. i – eye our – hour week – weak need – knead in –inn see – sea no – know here – hear not – knot eight – ate of –off two – too bye– by Now make sentences with each word. Team time MCYK Let’s move in different ways and see who has the most fun! How Creatures Move The lion walks on padded paws, The squirrel leaps from limb to limb, And seals can dive and swim. The worm he wiggles all around, The monkey swings by his tail, And birds may hop upon the ground Or spread their wings and sail. But boys and girls Have much more fun: They leap and dance And walk and run.

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