4 Tick-Tick-Tick Pamposh and Shazia were discussing whose home is farther from school. I start for school at 7 o' clock. 1112 1 10 2 9 3 8 4 7 6 5 When I reach school, the minute hand points at 2. How? Yes. So what? I start for school at 7. 1112 1 10 2 93 84 75 6 1112 1 10 1112 1 2 10 2 93 93 84 8475 6 75 6 Practice Time 1) Three friends read time from a clock. Who is right? Cheeku Bittu Pinki 1112 1 10 2 93 84 12:03 12:15 3:00 75 6 1112 1 10 2 93 7:25 5:07 5:35 84 75 6 1112 1 10 2 93 3:35 7:03 7:15 84 75 6 2) Show the following times in the clock: 111 10 2 8 4 75 Do you like sky watching? If yes, then this one should interest you: 1112 1 10 2 9 3 a) At what time does the sun rise at your place? ——— 8 4 75 6 1112 1 2 3 84 75 b) When does the sun set? ——— 910 6 Dose the sun rise and set at the same times every day? Look at a newspaper and see the time of sunrise and sunset in different months. Look at the photo and guess the time at this place. This photo was taken in Paris, France. In Paris the sun sets after 9 pm at night during summer. This photo was taken at night! But in winter it becomes dark here by 4 pm in the evening. 3) Find out How long will it take the minute hand to move from ❋ 1112 1 1112 1 10 2 10 2 1112 1 1112 1 9 2 39 2 1039 3 8484 9 toa) to ———c) 10 3 ——— 7575 88 75 75 66 44 66 1112 1 1112 1 1112 1 1112 1 10 2 10 210 2 10 b) 9 23——— d) 9 ——— 39 39 3 8484 8484 765 765 765 765 to to ❋ Draw where the hands will be: a) 20 minutes after c) 10 minutes after 6 o' clock 7 o' clock 1112 11112 1 210 2 9 10 39 3 8484 75 75 6 6 b) 30 minutes after d) 15 minutes after 8 o' clock 5 o' clock 1112 1 1112 1 10 2 9 2 10 3 9 3 84 84 75 75 6 6 ❋How long does your school assembly take? _________ How long is your lunch break? _________ How long is your games period? _________ Is it the same as all the other periods? _________ The games period and lunch break seem very short! Aren't they? ❋How many minutes can these activities take? Make a guess and then check at home. Boiling 1 litre milk Filling a bucket Sweeping your room Activity Time In one minute, how many times can you — ❋ a) Snap your finger _______________ b) Skip a rope _______________ c) Jump up and down _______________ d) _______________ _______________ Write more such fun activities in this column. ❋ — Here is another challenge for you. How long can you a) Speak non-stop _______________ b) Stand on one leg _______________ c) Sing 'Aaaaa....' without a break _______________ ❋ — How long do you take to a) Run a 50 metre race ______________ b) Collect 50 pebbles from the ground ______________ c) Count 1 to 100 ______________ Who is the winner? ❋—Let's look at a clock again! Solve this one a) The minute hand started from '2'. How many minutes will it take to come back to '2' again? _______________ b) What happens to the hour hand? Does it also move? How long will it take to move from one number to the next? c) Look around you and list the activities that take about one hour to complete. 1. _________________ 2. _________________ 3. _________________ 4. _________________ 5. _________________ How long does it take to cook dinner at home? More than an hour/less than an hour. Ask your father if he can cook as fast as your mother does. Yes / No Which games take less than an hour to finish? __________________________ How long does a football match take? Children will enjoy doing activities to see all the things they can do in one minute. Observing activities at home will give them a sense of time and also help them value the effort of others. Rani's Diary Come let's go to see my new baby sister. But she can't eat. Maa I have She is too small! brought sweets for Muniya. And she doesn't even talk! She will start doing all this slowly as she grows up! Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec I will note down in Here are some pages my diary when she from Rani's Diary — first starts talking, eating, walking.... Muniya is Muniya got born today! Muniya started crawling.her first tooth! Muniya started walkingMuniya ate a bananaMuniya stood up Mark these in the correct order on Muniya's Time Line. 5/3/05 Was born ❋ Muniya got her first tooth in September. How many monthsold was she then? How many months have passed from March to September? ________ ❋ How old was Muniya, when (a) she first sat up? _________________ (b) she got her first tooth? _________________ ❋ walking/eating a banana? What did she do first — 1) 2) crawling/standing? Rani had a pet puppy. After 2 weeks it opened its eyes. She watched it grow like this: After 3 weeks it got its first teeth and started eating. After 4 weeks — it started walking around but was It had a full set of teeth still wobbling. by the time it was 7 months old. After 1 year, it was a grown-up dog and got its own puppies. ❋ Now make a time-line of this dog's life in your notebook. ❋ Note the differences between Muniya and Rani's puppy: Puppy (age)Positions Muniya (age) Started walking Ate food for the first time Got the first tooth Find out Do all animals grow at the same speed? Discuss about the growth of — 1. A hen 2. A cow 3. A bird Draw pictures of the baby animal and the big animal. Here are the pictures of grandfathers posing for a photograph. Who looks the oldest to you? Elephant Appu's Rani's grandfather (95 years old) Chuchoo rat's grandfather grandfather (70 years old) (2 years old) ❋ How much older is Appu’s grandfather than Rani’s grandfather? _____________________________________________ ❋Chuchoo’s grandfather ever grow as old as Appu’s Will grandfather? _____________________________________________ ❋ How much younger is Chuchoo rat’s grandfather than Rani’s grandfather? ____________________________________________ This is a good opportunity for children and teachers to find out about the life spans and growth patterns of different animals. The idea is to compare and discuss without having to memorise any such information. Holidays are Fun! Atif's holidays had begun. He was very excited. He had made some wonderful plans and wanted to tell his cousin Shabana. So he wrote her a letter — Ajmer 1/5/06 Dear Shabana aapa, Hello! How are you? I am fine here. Aapa, my holidays have started from today! I am going to my Nani's place on 5/5/06. I will be back on 20/5/06. My school will reopen on 30/6/06. When does your school close? Why don't you come here? We will have great fun! Bye for now Atif Shabana who stays in Nagpur, got this letter on 6/5/06. She wrote back to Atif — Nagpur 7/5/06 Dear Atif, Hello! I am doing well here. I got your letter yesterday. Happy holidays! My school will close on 1st June 2006. It will reopen on 10th August. I will go on a school trip to Goa and will return on 7/6/06. I will try to come to Ajmer after that. Bye Shabana Atif wrote his letter on 1/5/06. You remember how we write a date in numbers? 1/5/06 is 1 May 2006. Now write which dates these stand for – 5 May 2006 5/5/06 ___________________________ 20/5/06 ___________________________ 7/6/06 ___________________________ 1/1/07 ___________________________ Write these dates in numbers. 1 June 2006 _____________________________ 30 May 2006 _____________________________ 10 Aug 2007 _____________________________ How long did it take the letter to to ❋ reach from Ajmer Nagpur?________ How many days will Atif spend at his Nani's place? ________ ❋ Which long holidays do you get in school? Fill the table. ❋ Number ofDates Occassion days From To Summer holidays Autumn Break Winter Break Holidays after the exam On 15 May 2006 Chandran went to a shop to buy butter. He checked the packet to see if this butter was safe to eat. It was written on the packet— Best before 180 days from the date of packing. Then he checked the date of packing. It was 15/01/06. Help him find out if he should buy this butter or not. — In which month was the butter packed? ________ — Which month will it be 180 days after 15/01/06? ______ — Can Chandran eat it on 15th May 2006? ________ Do you ever check the date of packing of things you buy? Have you seen medicines which havethe expiry date written on them? It tells you after which date it is unsafe to take the medicine. Find Out Which are the other things that come with an expiry date? ❋ On a cough syrup it was written: Mfg. date 07/03 This shows it was made in July 2003. Exp. date 07/05 This shows the month and year till when it is safe to take. ❋What month and year is written as 07/05 ? _______________ Would it be safe to take the cough syrup in September 2005? __________ Children are not expected to know the words 'manufacturing' or 'expiry' dates, but only to recognise these as symbols that show when the medicine is made and till when it is safe to take. Teachers could encourage children to read and observe more such dates on different products. Tutun Missed the Train Tutun's school had closed for the summer holidays. He went to his grandma's place. He met a lot of his cousins there. He was enjoying himself and didn't want to go back home. Tutun and his parents reached the station at 5:15. But guess what? They had actually missed the train! Hurray! That means I am not going back today. Can you guess why they missed the train? Actually the train had left at 5:30 in the morning! Tutun's parents were upset. They asked the station master — Our ticket says 5:30. The Railways will write 17:30 for 5:30 in the evening. Look at this chart. It tells the difference between your watch and a 24-hour clock. Try to complete it. Time by your watch Time by a 24-hour clock (12-hour clock) 1 o' clock in the afternoon 13:00 hours 2 o' clock in the afternoon 14:00 hours 3 o' clock in the afternoon _____________ 3:30 in the afternoon 15:30 hours 6 o' clock in the evening _____________ 9 o' clock in the evening _____________ 12 o' clock at midnight _____________ Now can you tell why a 24-hour clock is called so? Suppose a train leaves at 8:30 at night. The time written on the Railway ticket would be ________________. In a 12-hour clock, each time comes twice in a day. So 5:30 in the morning is 5:30 am. What about 12:30 in 5:30 in the evening is 5:30 pm. the afternoon? That is 12:30 pm. After 12 o'clock at noon we use pm till midnight. You must have noted the time of sunrise and sunset. Write here using am and pm. Time of Sunrise Time of Sunset Where have you seen a 24-hour clock being used? 1. ______________________ 2. ______________________ 3. ______________________

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