The Junk Seller Have you ever met a Kabariwali – a woman who sells junk? This is a true story told by Kiran, who has a junk shop in Patna. I studied in a Hindi medium school in my village. My father wanted girls to study like boys. I loved Hindi and Science, but I hated Maths! Today Maths is most useful for my work. I could never imagine this in school. What about you? Do you also find Maths difficult? What is the most difficult thing in your Maths book?_______ What do you think is the easiest lesson? ________ When I was young, my father died in an accident. So my mother worked as a servant in some houses. We had a difficult time. I had to leave school after Class VIII. I wanted to study more but my mother got me married. My husband's family lived in a mud house. His two brothers and his sister did not go to school. He had a tea stall. Ask people and find out the cost of a cup of tea at a tea stall ____________ ★ at a hotel ________________★ I thought of starting my own business. I thought I should open a bangle shop or a tailor shop. But my uncle said that we could earn a lot by opening a junk shop. In 2001, my mother-in-law and I opened a junk shop. We took a loan of Rs 8000 for the shop. Find out: what is a loan? Have you ever heard of someone taking a loan? ★ For what? _________ How much loan was taken? ____________ ★ How much money was paid back? ____________ ★ Hariya and Babu want to buy a handcart for Rs 300. But I have taken a I have taken a loan of loan of Rs 300 from Rs 300 from a bank for six Chunnilal. After six months. I will pay Rs 51 months, I will pay every month to the bank. back Rs 360. Hariya Babu Who has to pay back more — Hariya or Babu? ___________ People laughed and teased us about our work. They called it ganda kaam or 'dirty business'. But I did not think so. I knew this idea would work. Now we have a pucca house with electricity. We have a fridge, a TV and a gas stove. My husband's brothers, sister and also my daughter go to school. I have 9 rickshaws of my own. I give the rickshaws on rent, each for Rs 20 a day. On Sundays I do not take any money for them. How Much does Kiran Earn from 9 Rickshaws in a Day? For 1 rickshaw she gets Rs 20 per day. So, for 9 rickshaws she will earn Rs __________. Think of some other ways to do it. Encourage children to use their own strategies to solve such problems. There should be discussion on how they arrived at their answers. ✽ In a week how much does Kiran earn from one rickshaw? ✽ Do it mentally and write the answers. I have my own small junk shop. I buy junk from junk collectors. They go from house to house and bring junk on handcarts. I then sell it at the big shop. How Much to Pay for this Junk? Kiran has bought some junk from junk collectors. Look up the rate list to see today's 1 kg newspaper costs Rs 5. rates. Help Kiran to find out the cost 30 kg cost Rs 5 × 30 = Rs 150. So for 31 kg she pays of the junk. Rs _______. How much will Kiran pay for 31 ✽ kg newspaper? This exercise encourages children to use different strategies (other than the standard algorithm) for doing multiplication. 2 × 6 = __________ 20 × 6 = __________ 2 × 60 = __________ 3 × 42 = __________ 4 × 80 = __________ 4 × 81 = __________ 9 × 25 = __________ 31 × 9 = __________ Smart Kiran Sells the Junk Kiran sells her junk to a big shop. She checks the prices on her mobile phone and sells only when she gets a good price. Today she has gone to sell plastic, newspaper, iron and brass at Dinu's big shop. Dinu weighs 32 kg iron, 4 kg brass, 152 kg newspaper, 63 kg plastic. A. How much will Dinu pay for 63 kg plastic? The rate of 1 kg plastic is Rs 12. So the cost of 63 kg plastic will be Rs 12 × 63. Remember, you used boxes to multiply two numbers in Class III. 60 3 60 × 10 3 × 10 10 600 30 2 60 × 2 3 × 2 120 6 12 × 63 means 12 times 63. 12 times 60 is 720. So, the answer is more than 720. Also the answer is less than 800. Can you tell why? Dinu added the numbers in the boxes: 600 120 30 + 6 756 So, for 63 kg plastic, Dinu will give Rs 756. Kiran bought 1 kg plastic for Rs 10, but sold 1 kg plastic ✽ for Rs 12. How much money does she earn on selling 1 kg plastic? Rs __________ So, how much money does she earn for 63 kg? Rs _________ B. Kiran sells 32 kg iron How much money will Dinu pay for 32 kg iron? ✽ Kiran buys 1 kg iron for Rs 12, but sells it for Rs 14. ✽ How much does she earn when she sells 32 kg iron? Rs _________ C. What will Dinu pay for 152 kg newspaper? The rate of 1 kg newspaper is Rs 6. So the cost of 152 kg newspaper is Rs 6 × 152. Dinu writes: 100 50 2 6 100 × 6 600 50 × 6 300 2×6 12 6 × 100 = 600. So, the answer is more than 600. Is the answer less than 1000? How did you guess? Then he adds the numbers in the boxes: 600 300 + 12 912 So, for 152 kg newspaper he will give Kiran Rs 912. Fill My Diary Kiran bought some junk from the junk collectors. She paid them Rs 841. She sold the junk at Dinu's big shop and Dinu gave her these notes and coins. 4 coins of Kiran wrote the record in her diary. Later she paid Rs 919 to the junk collectors. When she sold the junk she got these notes and coins from Dinu. 5 notes of Now you make a record in her diary. Find out how much she earned this time.

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