9 Halves and Quarters Mintu cat and Mottu cat were friends. Once they stole a chapati from Malini’s kitchen. I will take it — said Mintu. No, I will take it — said Mottu. While they were quarrelling, there came Tittu Monkey. Hi! What is the problem? why are you quarrelling? — he asked. “We don’t know how to divide this chapati between us — the cats said. OK! don’t worry. I will divide the chapati equally for both of you — he said. Clever Tittu divided the chapati like this: These are not equal, the left part is bigger — Mintu and Mottu said. Oh, no problem, I will make it equal — Tittu said. He then cut a part of the left piece and ate it. Oh! Now the right part is bigger — the cats cried. I am sorry — said Tittu. He cut a part from the bigger piece and ate it. When there was only a small piece remaining, he said — This is my share for the work. Tittu then quickly ate the last piece and climbed the tree. 94 Now is it equ l?a

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