Let’s read and recite Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! It’s a lovely day. Oh! Please get up And come and play. The birds are singing in the trees, And you can hear the buzzing bees. 1. Go for a morning walk. Listen to the sounds you hear like rustling of leaves, wind blowing, chirping of birds, sounds of footsteps. 2. Imagine that a cow, a horse, a duck and a chicken are meeting for a morning meal. What would they say to one other? Talk about it. Say aloud Betty bought a bit of butter, But the bit of butter that Betty bought was bitter, So Betty bought some better butter, To make the bitter butter better. Let’s write 1. Connect the pair of sentences below using and or but. (a) It is time to get up for school. (b) I want to sleep for some more time. (a) Sheila got some chocolates for her birthday. (b) She got some new clothes too. (a) Everyone has gone to sleep. (b) I want to read my book. (a) Raju plays cricket. (b) He also plays hockey. 2. Fill in the blanks according to the example given below – tiny tinier tiniest big __________ biggest sleepy sleepier ________ _________ lovelier loveliest _______ later _________ round ________ _________ small ________ _________ good ________ best Neha’s Alarm Clock Narrator : Ring! Ring! Ring! Off goes the alarm clock at six in the morning. Neha makes a face and covering her ears with a pillow, snuggles under the warm blanket. But she knows she has to get up. She mutters to herself.Neha : This alarm clock always rings at six and pulls me out of the bed! It’s so unfair...Oh, how I would love to sleep a little longer in the morning! I wish this clock would forget its job sometimes. Narrator : Something falls. Neha smiles. Neha : Oh! My clock has fallen. How happy I am! Tomorrow I can get up late. Narrator : Next morning there is no alarm. So Neha sleeps and sleeps. The small chirpy birds Birds : Wake up dear! Wake up fast! Narrator : Neha gets up with a start.Neha : Oh, no. If it’s not the alarm clock, it’s these birds… why don’t they leave me alone? Narrator : Even this wish of Neha’s comes true. The next morning there is not only no alarm clock, there are no birds either. But there is someone else who does not want her to miss the school bus. Can you guess who it is? The big bright Sun! He fills Neha’s room with a warm smile. Narrator : Mother smiles. Mother : Who else? You, of course! Neha : But, I was sleeping, how could I …? Mother : Now, tell me, why do you eat your lunch every day at one in the afternoon? Neha : I feel hungry. Mother : Why do you sleep at nine every night? Neha : Because I feel sleepy. Mother : There is a clock inside you which tells you when to eat, when to sleep and when to wake up. Neha : Oh! Ooh! I better rush now. I don’t want to miss the bus. Mother : RELAX! Today is Sunday! Neha : Oh! Oh! Oh! – Adapted from Neha’s Alarm Clock by Girija Rani Asthana New words snuggles, mutters, window sill, relax Reading is fun Tick ( ) the correct answer – � 1. What time did Neha’s clock ring every morning? (a) 4 o’clock (b) 9 o’clock (c) 6 o’clock 2. What did the birds say? (a) Sleep on (b) Wake up (c) Go and play 3. What is inside you that makes you get up at the same time everyday? (a) Our body clock (b) Our eyes (c) Our feet 4. Sounds you heard Sounds your friend heard 2. If there is no clock in the house to wake you in the morning, how will you wake up? Will you continue to sleep or ... 3. What are the different ways of knowing the time during the day? Say aloud ought matter tick – tock tick – tack bought chatter tell – told tip – tin caught shatter train – time take – tall 1. Who said these words and to whom? “Wake up, dear! Wake up fast!” “Ma, who woke me up today?” “Why do you sleep at nine every night?” 2. Use the help box to fill in the blanks – (a) Ram _______ a good football player. (b) The cows ______ grazing in the field. 3. Look at the pictures below and complete the following paragraph. You will need these words – pulled out inside called out behind under Yesterday, I lost a book. I looked for it everywhere. I looked _____________ a door. I looked ____________ a cupboard. I looked ___________ a bed. I could not find it anywhere. Then, I ____________________ me. I asked him to look for my book. He _________________ another book from my bag. Fun time Here is a word, clock. Write down words relating to clock. Sound CLOCK Another word Make a sentence Name Picture different parts/times Word in your

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