Read and enjoy this poem Run! AWAY from the city And into the sun, Out to the country, Run! Run! Run! Run in the raindrops! Run ’neath the trees! Run little races With each little breeze! Run down the hillside, Run up the lane; Run through the meadow, Then run back again! Run and be merry All through the day! Run to the country, Away! Away! – Mary Daunt New words raindrops, ’neath (beneath), breeze, hillside, meadow, merry Reading is fun What does the poem tell us to do? Write about the places where the poet wants us to run. Let’s talk Do you like to play and run about? Why? Running is a very good exercise. Name any three games that you play in which you have to run. When you run fast, what do you feel is happening to your body? Say aloud Let’s spell Some letters are missing in each word. Write ee or ea in each word. tr __ __ s sl __ __ p pl __ __ se b __ __ p t __ __ se f __ __ t t __ __ ch m __ __ t Now add more words with ee and ea and put them inside the bubbles. Let’s listen Nasruddin held the bow in his hands, strung it, aimed at the target and shot an arrow. Wh...o...o...o...o... middle. “Ha...ha...ha...ha...” His friends started laughing. They said, “Hey, Nasruddin! Is this your best aim?” “Oh, no! Not at all,” said Nasruddin, defending himself. “This wasn’t my aim. It was Azad’s aim. I just showed you how the Azad shoots an arrow.” Saying this, Nasruddin picked up another arrow. Once again, he strung the bow, aimed at the target, and shot the arrow. This time, the arrow fell a little further than where it had fallen before. Everybody stared at Nasruddin, their mouths agape in amazement. Before anyone could say anything, Nasruddin said triumphantly, “Did you see that? It was my aim!” New words chatting, archery, string, bang, target, defending, amazement, triumphantly Be a Nasruddin Hodja Yourself Clues Indian, cricket, eight hours, practises, eats healthy food, runs two kilometres every day, batsman 2. This is Rajiv’s family. They are a healthy family. See what each one does to remain healthy. Father Mother Sita Grandpa Grandma Rajiv 3. Use the words ‘and’ or ‘but’ and make as many sentences as you can about Rajiv’s family. Example : Grandpa and Grandma get up early in the morning. Grandpa is walking but Rajiv is jogging. Fun time 2. Using the information in the grid, write a sentence about each game. One has been done for you. (a) Cricket is an outdoor game. We play it with a bat and a ball. There are eleven players in this game. (d) _____________________________________________ 3. The following words are used in various sports. List them under the sport that they are used in. (a) googly (b) goal (c) LBW (d) penalty (e) free kick (f) penalty corner Some words may be used in more than one game. 2. The needle goes in on one side and right across inside the ball to touch the opposite side. 3. The hole needs to be very small, so that it is difficult to push the needle in. In this way it will fit tightly and remain firm when you play with your puppet. 6. Cut two holes in the coloured cloth to put in your fingers. 7. Hold the needle in your hand to hold your puppet. Write two sentences on your puppet.

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