Read and learn this poem Books New words library, wide, galore, skinny, shelves, wonderful “Come in, come in!” Said the library door; I opened it wide And saw books galore! Tall skinny books Up high on the shelves; Little fat books That stood by themselves. I opened one up And sat down to look; The pictures told stories! What a wonderful book! 1. What did the library door say? 2. What did the books in the library look like ? 3. Why did the child in the poem like looking at the pictures? Let’s listen 1. Listen to the words Come in, come in Go out, go out What word signs have you seen or heard – at home _________________ at the vegetable shop _________________ at the library _________________ at the doctor’s place _________________ at the bus stop _________________ at the toy shop _________________ Let’s talk 1. Do you like reading story books? 2. What kinds of stories do you like? 3. The word galore means in great numbers. Do you also have a class library or a school library which keeps many books? Can you borrow books? 4. Tell the class about your favourite story book. Talk about the character you liked most in the book. Fun time Let’s play Book Chain Form groups of five or six children in the class. Sit in circles. The first child will begin the book chain by saying the name of a story book. The next child extends the chain by saying the name of another book. In this way a book chain is formed. The more the rounds the children can go on for, the longer the book chain will be. See which group makes the longest book chain . Let’s read and enjoy Going to buy a Book One day, grandfather gave my brother and me some money. “Go and buy books,” he said. We were both very happy. We both love to read. Should we go now? Should we go later? Should we go today? Should we go tomorrow? We decided to go right now. Should we go to the big market? Should we go to the small shop? Should we go with somebody? Should we go alone? We decided to go to the small shop, just the two of us. We like the small bookshop. It is small but it has many books. The man in the shop likes us. He always helps us. Should I buy a book with a lot of pictures? Should I buy a book with a lot of stories? Should I buy a thin book? I could not decide. We did not know which book to buy. The man in the shop smiled at us. “Relax, come with me,” he said. “These books are about animals. Those are about machines. Those over there are about wars. Take what you want.” I picked some books. My brother picked some books. I sat on the floor. He sat on the chair. And we read and we read and we read. It was very quiet. There was no sound. One hour passed. Two hours passed. Finally, we knew which books to buy. The man in the bookshop smiled at us. I got a fat book with many stories. My brother got a big book with many pictures. We ran home to our grandfather. We climbed on his bed. He put his arms around us and then We read, and read, and read. – Rukmini Banerji New words alone, bookshop, machines, finally, climbed Reading is fun 1. Why did grandfather give the children money? 2. Where did they go to buy books? 3. Did the girl buy a picture book? Let’s listen and search In small groups one child will give directions orally only once; the others will listen and hunt for the following: 1. a circle 2. a square 3. a triangle 4. a piece of paper with three signatures 5. a piece of paper with red colour 6. a piece of paper with a number 7. a piece of paper with the label of tea 8. a twig in the shape of an alphabetic letter 9. a slab of mud with a drawing 10. a flower in the shape of a number Let’s talk 1. Is there a bookshop near your home? If there is, do you like to visit it? 2. What are the different kinds of books in this bookshop Let’s write 1. Look at these sentences in the story – (a) Should we go to the big market? (b) Should we go to the small shop? (c) Should I buy a thin book? 3. Tina goes to her school library to borrow a book. Complete her dialogue with the librarian by using and or or in the blanks.Tina: Ma’am, I want to borrow a book.Librarian: Do you want a story book _________ a book of poems?Tina: I want a story book.Librarian: Do you like stories about animals ________ adventure stories?Tina: I like both.Librarian: Go to the second cupboard. On the first shelf, you will find animal stories ______ on the second, adventure stories.Tina (after selecting two books): Ma’am, I want Black Beauty _______ Panchantantra Stories.Librarian: You can have either Black Beauty _______ Panchantantra Stories. 4. What is your favourite book? Write down the name of the book. Then write down the story. Let’s make a bookmark Remember to treat your books well. Never fold the corners of pages. This makes books look shabby and old. A bookmark helps you to find the page you were on when you last read your book. Here is a way to make your own beautiful Dove Bookmark. You need – • A black bindi for the eyes• Method – • the card. • • Cut it along the lines.• Make an outline with a black pen.• Stick a bindi for the eye.• • Your Dove Bookmark• Let’s cover our book 1. Spread your notebook on a brown paper which is four inches bigger than your notebook, as shown in the picture. 2. Fold the paper into two halves with the book inside it in the middle. 3. Fold the two open flaps of paper inside the first and the last page of the book and press to crease. 4. Fold the closed end of the two top and bottom flaps of the paper, forming a triangle. Crease the paper and cut it. 5. Fold the two front flaps inside the first page and crease it. 6. Fold the two back flaps under the last page and crease it. 7. Now your book is neatly covered. 8. Write your name and class on the cover. Then write the subject you will use this notebook for. Birch bark (bhojapatra) Enjoy and read the poem Say in Chorus Books are great! Books are fun! Books let you do what you’ve never done! Read a good mystery, solve a crime! Read about history, go back in time! Read about a lost dog, where can it be? Read about a giant frog under the sea! Read a very funny book, tears go away! Read a bright, sunny book on a rainy day! Chorus – Books are great! Books are fun! Let’s read books, everyone! – Mash Goldfish (adapted)

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