That a cherry Was as red, That lead Was as weighty, That fourscore Was as eighty, That a door was as wooden As in England— So he stood in his shoes And he wondered, He wondered, He stood in his shoes, And he wondered. New words naughty, found, ground, merry, cherry, weighty, wooden Reading is fun 1. From where did the naughty boy come? 2. Where did the naughty boy go? 3. Why did he go there? 4. What did the boy wonder about? Let’s listen 1. Listen to these instructions and follow them (a) naughty walk (b) naughty walk forward backwards (c) fall down (d) do a funny trick (e) walk on tiptoes (f) drag your feet (g) spin around (h) jump like a horse(i) walk with your shoes (j) shuffle your feet Let’s talk 1. What do you think the naughty boy would see in India? 2. Have you recently been to another place? What is it like? How is it different from your own place? 3. All cultures have their own folk songs in which each line is repeated. This line is sung in a chorus. Sing a folk song in your own language. Word building 1.Naughty is a describing word. Can you find more describing words can you find in this maze? Let’s write 1. Can you write six things that are made of wood? 2. Look at the words given below and put them under the things that they are made of – balloon pencil scissors metal chair table eraser shirt toys car trousers cap rubber cloth 3. Who do you think is the naughtiest child in your class? Describe her/him in five lines. Say aloud hard yard long song red lead weighty eighty found ground Fun time Let’s make a mosaic hat for your clown You need Mirrors/beads of different size and shapes • Fevicol�/glue/gum A piece of cardboard • Sketch pens• Method Take a piece of old cardboard • Draw a colourful pattern on it • Take glue/gum and apply it on the surface and stick • beads/mirrors/ pulses on it Fold it into a cone• Your lo�vely Mosaic Hat is now ready. Put it on your clown.• Which country does your clown belong to? Now complete the table below – Nation Nationality India Indian Scotland ___________ Australia ___________ France ___________ Japan ___________ Pinocchio Once upon a time, an old carpenter bought a very queer piece of wood. As he used his plane on it, he heard a little laughing voice say, “Stop! You’re tickling me.” The old man was puzzled by the voice. He said, “This is a strange piece of wood. What shall I do with it? I think. I’ll make it into a puppet.” He set to work, and as the puppet boy took shape, the old man said, “He must have a name. I will call him Pinocchio.” As soon as he finished making the eyes, the carpenter was amazed to see them move. Before the mouth was made, it began to laugh. “Stop laughing!” the old man said. Pinocchio’s nose grew longer. him a lie... and his nose started growing longer and longer. Each time he was rude to someone or told a lie, his nose grew longer. Finally Pinocchio said, “I’m glad to be a real boy. I’ll never lie again.” – Adapted from the story of Pinocchio New words carpenter, queer, plane, puzzled, puppet, took shape, amazed, finished, stiff, decided Let’s write 1. Make opposites with the words – dis__ in__ respect _________________ own _________________ able _________________ capable _________________ efficient _________________ secure _________________ 2. Make naming words by adding ness, ity, ty at the end of the words given below. One has been done for you. public publicity stupid stupidity forgive _________________ blind _________________ kind _________________ cruel _________________ polite _________________ swift _________________ moral _________________ solid _________________ 3. Which of the following would you expect a carpenter to use at work? bench, poker, plane, chisel, fork, spade, blotting paper, lawn-mower, telescope, pincers, jaw, scissors, hammer, map, nails, lathe, pencil, anvil. 4. Now make sentences using some of the above words. 5. Give another word from the story that means completed ________________________ surprised ________________________ strange ________________________ make up your mind ________________________ 6. Add ‘–er’ or ‘–r’ to the doing words below to make new words. stiff __________ strange __________ fight __________ dance __________ juggle __________ ride __________ speak __________ use __________ write __________ joke __________ Comprehension passage Once a cunning jackal jumped into a big tub of blue dye. “I am your king,” he said. All the animals, big and small believed him and bowed before him. The clever jackal smiled. Now he was the most powerful animal in the forest. He was proud to be a king. Once, the jackal woke up in the middle of the night. The jackals in the forest were howling at the full moon in the sky. The blue jackal forgot he was a king. He, too, began to howl. “Hu…aah! Hu…aah!” he cried. The animals ran out to see. “He is not a king. He is just a jackal!” they shouted. They rushed to attack him. “Stop, stop! I am sorry I tricked you. Please do not kill me!” said the blue jackal. The animals forgave him, but only after giving the jackal a good beating. Reading is fun 1. Why did the animals think that the jackal was a king? 2. How did the jackal become blue? 3. What did the animals do when they saw the blue jackal? 4. Why did the dogs feel scared when they saw the jackal? 5. How did the animals know that the king was just a jackal? The Ship of the Desert S.K. Ram Under the project Reading to Learn series launched by NCERT aimed at grooming the student to become adept at reading to make him love books and to make him aware of the world of wonder and beauty around him and within him, the book describes how the ship of the desert – the camel – is quite adaptive to the harsh environment it lives in. Rs. 15.00 / Paperback / 14 pp

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