h Guess which animal’s footprint will have the same area as yours. Discuss. h Here are some footprints of animals — in actual sizes. Guess a) Draw one straight line in this rectangle to divide it into two equal triangles. What is the area of each ofthe triangles? b) Draw one straight linein thisrectangleto divideit into two equal rectangles. What is the areaof eachof the smallerrectangles? c) Draw two straight linesin thisrectangle to divide it into one rectangle and two equal triangles. h What is the area of the rectangle? h What is the area of each ofthe triangles? Puzzles with Five Squares Measure the side of a small square on the squared paper on page 45. Make as many shapes as possible using5 such squares. Three are drawn for you. Game Time Here is a chessboard. Play this game with your partner, with one set of 12 shapes. The first player picks one shape from the set and puts it on the board covering any five squares. The other player picks another shape and puts it on the board, but it must not overlap the first shape. Keep taking turns until one of you can’t go any further. Whoever puts the last piece wins! Make Your Own Tile Remember the floor patterns in Math-Magic Book 4 (pages 117-119). You had to choose the correct tile which could be repeatedtomakeapatternsothatthere werenogapsleft. Encourage children to try to do these ‘pentomino’ puzzles at home. Such exercises can be designedforshapeswith6squares (hexominoes)inwhichcasetherewillbe35different shapes possible.

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