Practicetime 1. Look at this floor map of a house. Make doors and windows on thedeepdrawingofthishouse. Window Window Door Window Window h Are there any windows you couldn’t show on the deep drawing?Circlethemonthefloormap. 2.Trytomakeafloormapofyourownhouse. ADeepDrawingofa Cube Soumitroandhisfriendsmadedeepdrawingsofacube. Thesearetheirdrawings. a) b) c)d)e)f) g) h Whichofthedrawingslookcorrecttoyou?Discuss. h Can you add some lines to make drawing f) into a deep drawingofthecube? 130 h If you look at the bridge from the top, how will it look? Choose therightdrawingbelow: a) b) h Lookatthephotoandtrytomakeadeepdrawingofthisbridge. Practicetime 1) Makedrawingstoshowhowthisbridgewilllook h Fromthetop h Fromthefront h Fromtheside 2) Makeamatchboxmodelwhichlookslikethis. From the top From the front From the side h Alsomakeadeepdrawingofthemodelinyournotebook. 3) How many cubes are needed to make thisinterestingmodel? h Here are some drawings of the model. Mark the correct top view drawing with 'T' and the correct side view drawingwith'S'. a) b) c) d) 133

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