• are commonNext, say which the cream in each of the brands. 4Under each brand, find out which flavours are being sold the most. Also find out their prices. 4Finally, write which do you think is the most popular ice cream. 1. Colour the boxes that have rhyming words. city heat cart street hard yard sky my Wonderful Waste! Waste can be quite useful ! Find out for yourself from this story... Once, the Maharaja of Travancore ordered a grand dinner in his palace. In the afternoon before the dinner, the Maharaja entered the kitchen to survey the dishes that had been prepared for the feast. “What are you going to do with those vegetable scraps?” he asked the cook, pointing to the basket of scraps near the cook. The cook replied, “They are waste. We will throw them away.” “You cannot waste all these bits and pieces of vegetables. Find a way to use them,” the Maharaja commanded sternly and walked away. The cook was in a fix and kept staring at the vegetable scraps for some time. Suddenly, 10 an idea flashed his mind. He took all vegetable bits, them and cleaned them well. Then he cut them into long strips. He put them in a huge pot and placed it on the fire to Next, he ground fresh coconut, chillies and together. He added this A tempting smell started coming from the pot. curry. He also poured a few spoonfuls of coconut oil and decorated the dish with curry leaves. Lo and behold! The new dish was ready. The cook served this new dish to the guests that evening. Everyone was eager to know the name of the new dish. The cook thought and thought. Then a name came to his mind. He named it avial (uh-vi-ul). Avial became famous over Kerala and is now one of the dishes in a traditional Kerala feast. And imagine, it all came from a basket of waste! Marigold had planned to make another dish using vegetable scraps.____________ avial 1 Decorate with curry leaves. Whip some curd and mix it in. Pour some coconut oil on top. Avial is ready. 2. Given in the box are some things that they reach home from school. from school. Write them in order. pack school bag put away school bag read a story book sleep for a while wash up do the home work watch TV go to play change out of Bamboo Curry 1. One day the mother-in-law of a Santhal bridegroom cooked a special dish for him when he visited her. 2. “This curry is delicious. What is it?” The mother-in-law pointed at the bamboo door. 3. Next morning, just as he was about to leave, he remembered that there was no bamboo in his village. 4. So he removed the bamboo door and carrying it with him left for his home. 5. On reaching his village, he told his wife, “Make curry with this bamboo door.” The bridegroom left with the door of his in-laws' house ______________ and there was The bridegroom was unable to have bamboo ______________ . pointed _________ _________the ____________ his in-laws. __________ __________back with him. _________ bamboo shoots.

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