Crying Unit 4 Read and enjoy Crying only a little bit Food for Thought My Elder Brother English MUNNA Oh Bhaiya, there is a big mela in the village today. Should we go? BHAIYA Have you ever seen me going to a fair or going to watch a cricket or hockey match? I don't go near them. I prefer to study a book. I don't mind repeating a class for more than two years. But you might stay in the same class all your life. Do you expect to pass if you waste your time playing all the time? You are simply wasting father's hard earned money. (Munna starts crying on being scolded and sobbing sounds wah, wah, bah, bah, hu, hu, are heard) MUNNA Bhaiya, I feel like running away and going back home. BHAIYA Now, now! Stop crying. Put on a nice smile. Look I will make a timetable for you to follow. Get up at dawn. Marigold MUNNA But when is the time to play? BHAIYA Play? What is the need, Munna? MUNNA Oh! I love the green fields, the gentle breeze, I want to jump up like a football, I like the touch and go and hu tu tu sounds of the kabaddi, and the hurry and flurry of volleyball pulls me like a magnet. As soon as I am on the field, I forget everything. SCENE 2 The final exams are over and the results are out. BHAIYA Alas! I have failed once again. MUNNA Oh! But Bhaiya, I have passed and topped my class. Now there is only two years difference between us. BHAIYA But my dear brother, don't be so proud. You have passed only one class and you think that I'm stupid and you are smart. Once in a while, in a gulidanda game, you might get lucky and hit a goal but that does not mean Marigold you have mastered the game. You have to work hard to be successful in life. When you have to Marigold and correct us. Now, what would you do if I were to fall sick today? MUNNA I don't know, Bhaiya! I would tell Baba and he would rush to the hostel. BHAIYA Aha! I had expected this answer. Now Baba would not get upset. He would first try to find out what was wrong and then he would call a doctor. Baba would know exactly what to do. They have more experience than us. MUNNA (with tears in his eyes) Bhaiya I am sorry, what you say is true. (Bhaiya hugs Munna lovingly) then how can I watch out for you? You are my responsibility. MUNNA I love you, Bhaiya! New Words foundation : solid base schedule : (here) timetable essay : composition on any subject idling : without any purpose, lazy mastered : gained expertise, skilled Marigold The format of a letter is given to you. Letters to friends and close family are written in the same way as you speak to them. In groups of four, write down dialogues for the story and make it into a short play. You may then present it in the class.

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