78 Refer to the poem and understand. them, he taught them to fly kites and shoot marbles, and told them long stories. The only problem with Rip was that he was very lazy. He did no work on his own farm and just idled away his time. His fences were falling to pieces. His cow was going astray. Weeds grew on his farm. Rip's constant companion was his dog, named Wolf. To avoid work, he would walk away into the forest with his dog. One day, Rip just walked on and on and reached the highest part of the mountains. It was late in the afternoon when he reached there. Tired after his long climb, he lay down and began daydreaming. It was soon evening and he realised it would be night by the time he Marigold short, old man, with thick hair and a grizzled beard walking towards him with a barrel. He made signs to help mut As he neared the village, he met a number of people but he didn't know any of them. The villagers also stared at him equally surprised. “Who is this man?” said one. “I've never seen him before,” said another, “look at his long white beard and his wrinkled face.” On hearing this, Rip stroked his chin and, to his astonishment, he found his beard had grown a foot long, and it was all white! An old woman walked up to him and looked at his face for a moment. Then she exclaimed — “It is Rip Van Winkle! Welcome home again, old neighbour! Where have you been these twenty long years? Marigold (Adapted from The legend of Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving) grizzled astonished foothills stroked familiar near the lower part of a mountain __________________ with grey hair __________________ to rub gently __________________ __________________ 1. Say whether the following sentences are True or False. complete the given paragraph. long-sleeved high-heeled open-mouthed sweet-looking part-time Mrs Das has a ___________________ said. “For your dog? ” my next party.” 3. Silent letters (i) knee, knife, knot, know (ii) neighbour, daughter, fight, straight (iii) honest, honour, hour, heir Try and make more silent letter words. gnat tongue cha k l t 4. Read the two paragraphs given below. My mother is always awake family. I usually wake up for a few minutes. Then I get up At bedtime, I read a story book. When I feel tired I Put them in order. 1. Write about yourself using the following expressions (do you play in the park, go to bed late, fuss over food, study hard, etc.?) always frequently usually often sometimes rarely For example: I always do my work neatly. (i) __________________________________________________ (iv) __________________________________________________ (v) __________________________________________________ 2. Use the following clues to complete the following exercise. play stop buy learn see meet eat go travel start read (i) Write three new things you have done three years. (a) I have started ______________________________ (b) ____________________________________________ (c) _____________________________________________ Anu I don't usually walk to school. I often go by cycle. things you have not done in three years.

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