PreetiNitu Discuss • How did Aman know that the potato sabzi had got spoilt? • Have you ever seen some food that has got spoilt? How did you know that it was spoiled? • Preeti told Nitu not to eat the potato sabzi. What would have happened if she had eaten it? 35 Write • Look in your kitchen and write down names of food items that -can get spoilt in 2-3 days -can be kept for a week -would not spoil till one month • Look at your friend’s list and discuss in the class. • Will your list be the same in all seasons? What would change? • When food gets spoilt in your house, what do you do with it? Biji returned the bread Aman’s Biji went to the market to buy bread. The shop was very crowded. The shopkeeper picked up a packet of bread and gave it to Biji. She looked at it and returned it immediately. • Look at the picture of the bread packet here and guess why Biji returned it? How did she find that the bread had got spoilt? Find out Look carefully at two-three packets of food items: • What can we know from what is written on the packet? • When you buy anything from the market, what do you look for on the packet? Day Changes in the bread or roti By touch By smell By looking through hand lens By colour 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. • Find out the reason for these changes. From where did the fungus come on the bread? • Different kinds of food items spoil due to different reasons. Some foods spoil soon, some stay good for long. List some seasons and conditions in which food spoils quickly. Mangoes Round the Year 37 • Given below are some food items and some simple methods by which these could be kept fresh for 1-2 days. Match the correct pairs: Food items Methods Milk Cooked rice Green coriander (Dhania) Onion, garlic Put in a bowl and keep the bowl in a container with some water. Wrap in a damp cloth. Boil it. Keep it in a dry open place. Amma found a sunny place in the backyard. Both the brothers made a high platform by using poles. They spread out and tied the mat on that platform. The next day, Appa chose the most ripe mangoes. They took out the mango pulp into a large pot. Then they strained the pulp through a fine muslin cloth, to remove the fibres from the pulp. Then Chittibabu crushed the gur (jaggery) till there were no lumps. They added the jaggery and sugar in equal amounts Write • Why was sugar and jaggery mixed into the mango pulp and dried in the sun? • Why did Appa first choose the most ripe mangoes to be used for making the mamidi tandra? • How did the brothers make the mamidi tandra? Write down step-by-step what they did for this. • What things are made in your house from ripe and unripe mangoes? 40 Looking Around • Make a list of all the different types of pickles that you know about. Find out and discuss • Is there any kind of pickle made in your house? What kind of pickle is it? Who makes it? From whom did they learn to make the pickle? • What all things are needed to make any one type of pickle in your house? How is the pickle made? Find out the recipe and write. • How are these things made in your house. • Papad • Chutney • Badiyan • It is a two-day journey by train from Pune to Kolkata. If you were to go on this trip, what food items would you carry with you? How would you pack them? Make a list on the blackboard of all the packed food. What food would you eat first? Mangoes Round the Year 41

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