139 The woodcutter replied, “It is too cold. My hands are frozen, so I blow on them to warm them up a little. Then, when they get cold again I warm them again by blowing.” Mian Balishtiye nodded, “Oh, ho, so that’s it!” And with that he moved off. But he stayed nearby and kept a close watch on him. Soon it was afternoon. The woodcutter began to think of lunch. He picked up two stones and made a chulha. He lit a fire and put a small handi (pot) filled with potatoes to boil. The wood was damp, so the woodcutter bent down and blew on the fire to help it burn. Balishtiye was watching him from a distance. “Arre”, he said to himself, “There he goes again – blowing from his mouth! Does fire come out of his mouth?” The woodcutter was feeling very hungry. He took out a potato from the handi. He tried to eat it but the potato was too hot. He again began to blow on it – ‘foo, foo’. “Arre,” said Balishtiye to himself, “He’s blowing again! Now what? Is he going to burn the potato?” After blowing a few more ‘foo, foos’ on it, the woodcutter put it in his mouth and began to eat it. 140 Looking Around Think and tell Can you think of any other way in which you use the warmth from your breath? • Fold a piece of cloth 3-4 times. Now bring it close to your mouth and blow hard on it. Did the cloth become warm? • Balishtiye saw that the woodcutter was trying to cool the hot potatoes by blowing on them. What would have happened if he had eaten the potatoes without cooling them? • Have you ever burnt your tongue when you ate or drank something that was too hot? How do you cool some food when it is too hot? • If you were to cool these three hot things – dal, roti, rice – in which ways would you do so? • For what other things do you blow air from your mouth? Blow in different ways • Make whistles of the things given below. Write in a sequence–from the loudest to the softest whistle. -Wrapper of a toffee ----• Have you seen people playing different musical instruments like flute, dholak, been ...., guitar, mridang, etc. Can you recognise their sounds with your eyes closed? Find out more about these musical instruments. Collect their pictures too. Write • Can you name some things which produce melodious or pleasing sounds when we blow into them. Do this and discuss • Have you seen someone blowing on their spectacles to wipe them clean? How does the air from the mouth help in cleaning the spectacles? • Take a glass. Bring it near your mouth and blow hard on it. Do this two or three times. Does the glass look hazy? • Can you make a mirror hazy in the same way? Can you tell by touching the mirror what made it hazy? Is the air you blew from your mouth dry or wet? • Put your hand on your chest. When you breathe in, does your chest come out or go in. Measure your chest – Take a deep breath in – Ask your friend to measure your chest with a thread. Measurement____________ 144 Looking Around – Now breathe out. Again ask your friend to measure your chest. Measurement____________ – Was there any difference in the two measurements of your chest? How many breaths in one minute – Put your finger under your nose. Can you feel any air when you breathe out from your nose? – Count how many times in one minute do you breathe in and breathe out. – Jump 30 times. Did you feel breathless? – Now again count how many times in one minute you breathed in and out. – What was the difference in your count before and after jumping. Blow Hot, Blow Cold 145 146 Looking Around

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