Name of department Examples of their work School Education Public Works Department Agriculture A wallpaper project A wallpaper is an interesting activity through which research can be done on particular topics of interest. The following photographs explain the different aspects involved in creating a wallpaper in a classroom. After introducing the topic and having a brief discussion with the whole class, the teacher divides the class into groups. The group discusses the issue and decides what it would like to include in the wall-paper. Children then work individually or in pairs to read the collected material and write their observations or experiences. They can do this through creating stories, poems, case studies, interviews, etc. The group looks at the material that they have selected, drawn or written. They read each other’s writing and provide feedback to each other. They make decisions on what should be included and finalise the layout for the wallpaper. Find out with the help of your teacher, the work done by the government departments mentioned above, and fill in the table. Chapter 3: How the State Government Works 39 Public meeting Legislative Assembly Press conference Chief Minister

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