HC Verma - Concepts of Physics Part 1

Book: HC Verma - Concepts of Physics Part 1

Chapter: 12. Simple Harmonic Motion

Subject: Physics - Class 11th

Q. No. 6 of Objective II

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Which of the following quantities are always negative in a simple harmonic motion?

For the motion to be simple Harmonic, Force must be linearly proportional to the displacement.

F =-kx

(a). = Cosθ

Direction of Force and acceleration is always same. Therefore, it will always be positive.


Direction of Velocity and displacement is always same; thus it is also coming positive.


Force is opposite to displacement.

Dot product will become negative as for >90° ,is negative

So, this expression is negative



Force is opposite to displacement so it will also be negative.

Therefore, Option (c). and (d) are correct.

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