Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to Common Questions

How Do I Logout From My Account?

To logout from your account, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. On the top right section of the website, click on your account.
  2. Click ‘Sign out’
  3. You will be logged out of your account.

My Chat Is Banned / Blocked. What Do I Do?

If you have been blocked or your chat has been banned, it could be because you were either using abusive language or were spamming inside the class.

If you feel you have been banned by mistake, please reach out to us via email at

What will you get with Philoid ClassRoom Courses?

Every course is explained in simplest manner supplimented with rich media and short animations. All subjects are supplimented with Videos · Audios · Notes · Tests · Q/Ans Discussion as per the requirement of the subjects.

What are the languages in which Philoid courses are available?

Philoid courses are available in Hinglish (i.e. English content but Hindi alongwith English as the medium of instruction for better understanding of topics).

Is there a limit to the number of Philoid courses I can purchase?

There is no limit to the number of Philoid courses that you can purchase.

Do I need a special device to attend classes?

Not at all. You can attend LIVE classes from the comfort of any device such as Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or PC/Desktop anywhere, anytime.

Is there any refund policy?

There is no refund, cancellation or modification of the course once bought.

What if I have more questions?

For more information and support, please reach us at