If I were an Apple 

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Learn, recite and enjoy this poem

 If I were an apple

And grew on a tree,

I think I’d drop down

On a nice boy like me.

I wouldn’t  stay there

Giving nobody joy.

I’d fall down at once

And say,’’Eat me, my boy!’’

A boy is sitting and thinking.

New words

apple      boy     eat     drop     joy

Let's read

I like to eat an apple.

We clap our hands with joy.

Reading is fun

  • Where is the apple?
  • Where is the boy?
  • How can the boy get the apple?

A boy is sitting on the branches of a tree.

Let's talk

  • Do you like apples?
  • Have you ever climbed a fruit tree?

 Let's share

Fill in the blanks.

If I were a bird, I would ----- . (fly, cry)

If I were a bee, I would -----        . (buzz, chirp)

Let's read and write

s    t   u   v

Letters s, y, u and v to be traced.

 Say aloud

Apple          drew          dew          ball

People           grew          few          call

Ripple           threw          mew          fall

Word fun

Fill in the letters to complete the crossword puzzle. Use the pictures as clues to find the fruit.

  Orange, grapes,mango, apple, banana and pear drawn near a puzzle to complete the missing words.

Which is your favourite fruit? Say why you like it, first in your own language and then in English.

Our Tree

Listen and read

Seeds falling from the beak of a bird.

A little bird sees

 Ripe fruit on our tree

 And eats a tasty berry.

 The bird flies tall

 And a berry seed falls.

Its raining heavily from clouds and the sun is hiding under the clouds,  

The rains have come

 Hurry! let's run.

 Clouds, rain and sun...

 Our plant is born, a little one.

A girl and a boy happy to see a plant growing.  

Now a tree,

 With branches long,

 Crows and bird-song,

 Crawling ants and spiders' webs,

 Caterpillars with tiny legs,

 Rich green leaves, life aplenty.  

Fruits anf flowers are growing on a tree, a bird is sitting in her nest on the tree, a monkey is climbing the tree holding its branch and a girl is enjoying on a swing tied to a branch of a tree and a boy is standing beside her.

The tree has fruit,

Some big, some small,

Let us pluck them

But do not fall!

Crows perch, squirrels run,

And see the monkeys

Having fun!

Strong branches,

With pretty swings,

Our beautiful tree

Has so many things.

Pranab and Smita Chakravarti

 New words

berry      caterpillars  nest   rain   tree

 Let's read

Clouds bring rain.

 The tree has branches.

Reading is fun

  • Where does the little bird see the fruit?
  • What does she do?
  • What happens when she eats the berry?

Let's talk

  • Where do birds live?
  • Have you seen any birds near your house?
  • Do you know their names in English or in your own language?

Let's share  

Circle the things you can find on a tree.

  Roughly triangular shaped structure in which bees keep their young ones.


A pair of shirts.






a kite


a book  


an ant  


Juicy fruits

Name the fruits you can see on the push cart. Say which ones you like the most.

A man selling different fruits on a cart.







I like apples the most.

Let’s do

How does a seed grow? Look at the pictures below and number them in the correct order

  A child pulling out the mud from the ground using a tool.

 I dig the earth

A child is putting seeds in the ground.

I plant the seed

The child is watering the plants using a pot and the sun is shining brightly.  

I water the plant

The child is looking at the plant, which has grown.

the plant grows

Let's think

  • Put a tick () if it is true. Put a cross (X) if it is not true.


Not true

I like fruit.

I like flowers.

There is a tree near my house.

The tree has flowers.

The tree has fruit.


Let's read and write

 w  x  y  z

Letters w, x, y and z to be traced.

Help the bird reach its nest.

On the one side of the first tree, there is a bird and on the other side there is a nest and a path goes from the bird to the nest. A child is sitting on the branch of the second tree and a girl standing down is looking at him.

  • Can you climb a tree ?

Yes, I can climb

Yes, I can pluck

Yes, I can catch

Yes, I can jump.

  Murali's Mango Tree

Listen, read and enjoy this story

  A man is sitting under a mango tree with a basket full of mangoes. With him is his wife and three children, the children are eating mangoes.

 One day Murali ate a mango. He threw the seed behind his house. Many months later,he saw a plant. He watered the plant everyday. The plant grew into a big mango tree. Every summer, many mangoes grow on it. Now, Murali’s children eat the mangoes.  

Read the sentences and tick the right picture.

Murali ate a (banana/ mango) one day.

He threw the (seed /mango) behind his house.

 Many months later, he saw a (seed /plan ).

He watered the (seed /plant) every day.

 Many (apples /mangoes) grew on the tree.

Draw a tree showing leaves, branches, fruit, birds, nest and a swing.

  A blank rectangle.

Let’s talk

  • Describe the picture using all the words given above.
  • Should trees be cut?
  • Name some trees which you have seen.

Poem — If I were an Apple

Story — Our Tree

Murali's Mango Tree

Teacher's Pages 


This unit is a good opportunity for involving children in interesting activities about their environment. Encourage children to look and listen attentively and express their thoughts freely.

  • Talk to them about trees around and how important they are.
  • Share with them topics like "Why do you think trees are important for us?"

Give them clues like, "They give us shade, flowers, fruits etc."


A sheet of paper, some twigs, some leaves and an old cardboard sheet

  • Group Activity

Let the children make a class tree with their handprints. Let them stick leaves and twigs on it. Write this verse and stick it under a tree.

What do I plant?

When I plant a tree

I plant a circle of shade around me;

A circle of shade

Where people come

To rest under the sun.

  • Develop pronunciation

Words like tree, bee, flea can be introduced.

  • Exposure to language

This time let the sight words be the names of children which can be pasted on the tree that the children have made.

Names of all the children such as Ritu      Kabir    Mohan    Lofang

  • Develop speaking skills

Give children a week or two to learn a rhyme, one in their language and one in English. Let them recite these. Always appreciate their efforts. Do not push children who are not ready for it. As facilitators we must let children speak at their own pace.

  • Develop writing skills

Write the letters from r to z on the blackboard. Let the children read from the board and the picture dictionary. Encourage these early writing attempts and ensure a feeling of success for all children. Use Activity Sheets and a notebook to further encourage the patterns as on pages 65, 66, 69, 70, 71, 72 and 74.

  • Use the method of developing fine motor coordination

Tell the class how to sort out three mixed pulses into different piles or sort leaves on the basis of their colour, shape and texture.

  • Awareness raising

Have a discussion on the hazards of throwing things into the river and why we must stop this from happening.