A  Little  Turtle  

unit 8

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Say the poem aloud with actions

I am a little turtle

I crawl so slow,

I carry my house

Wherever I go.

A little turtle, which has a round shaped body and a small head.

When I get tired

I put in my head,

My legs and my tail

And I go to bed.

Two turtles, one on the rock and one on the grass.

New words

Carry    crawl    tired     turtle  

Let's read

A baby crawls.

A turtle has a shell.


Reading is fun

  • How does a turtle walk?
  • What does the turtle carry on its back?
  • Where does the turtle go when it is tired?

Let's talk

  • What is the turtle's house called?
  • What other reasons can you give for a turtle going into its house?

Say aloud

















Let's share

  • Imagine you are a turtle. Crawl like a turtle.
  • Now you are tired so get into your shell and go to sleep.
  • Wake up and start to crawl again.
  • Now hide in your shell because some naughty children are near you.

A child trying to move with his knees bent and hands lying on the ground.

Colour both the turtles

A turtle is moving.    

  I crawl so slow

The turtle has turned upside down and it has put his head inside. 

   I put in my head

 Let's read and write

A, B, C, D, E, F

  Letters A,B,C,D,E and F to be traced.


The tiger and the mosquito

 Read and act out this story

  A mosquito talking to a big tiger lying under a tree.

  A tiger was dozing under a tree. A mosquito came

buzzing by. The tiger said, “Hey! Mosquito!

Go away!”

The mosquito said,

“Why should I go away?

I am not afraid of


The tiger was angry.

He hit out with his


The mosquito flew off. The paw struck his own cheek. The blow scraped his cheek. It began to bleed. The mosquito buzzed away.

The tiger struck with his other paw. The mosquito flew off. This time, too, he hit himself.

The tiger was helpless. The mosquito continued to buzz.

The tiger getting angry at the mosquito by raising its foot at the mosquito and the mosquito flew away.

The tiger got up and quietly walked away.

The mosquito called out after him, "Don't be so proud, my friend. Everyone is great in his own way!"

  The tiger is irritated by the mosquito.

Mrinalini Srivastava

 New words

Angry  bleed  great  hit   proud

 Let's read

I must not hit anyone.

I am proud to be an Indian.

 Reading is fun

  • What was the tiger doing when the mosquito came buzzing by?
  • Why did the tiger's cheek start to bleed?
  • Why did the tiger walk away?

The tiger is walking as it is disturbed by the mosquito.

Let's talk

  • Why did the mosquito say, "I am not afraid of you!"?

Say aloud

















 Let’s  share

  • What do we learn from this story?
  • Describe the lion and the tiger. How are they different from each other?

  A lion and a tiger.

Let's write

 Fill in the blanks by tracing the dotted words.

 1. A ----- was dozing under a tree.

2. A ----- came buzzing by.

3. The tiger hit out with his  -----.

4. The mosquito buzzed -----.

 5.Everyone is ----- in his own way!

The tiger is lying on the ground and there is a mosquito on a leaf near the tiger.

Let's read and write

G  H   I  J  K  L

Letters G,H,I,J,K,L  to be traced.

Let's do

Look at the pictures below

  • What are the cat and mouse saying?
  • First say this in your own language.
  • Now act out the story and say the words and sentences in English.


A mouse holding cheese in hits hand is trying to climb a cupboard and a cat is annoyed to see the mouse.

The mouse has climbed up the cupboard and the cat is running after it.

The mouse is sitting on the cupboard and there is a magnifying glass in front of him and the cat is jumping .

 Poem — A Little Turtle                

Story — The Tiger and the Mosquito

Teacher's Page            

 UNIT 8   
  • By this Unit children should be involved in
  • Observation of objects and things around them.
  • Conversation about the observation they have had.
  • Sharing of their own view point about the observation.
  • Reading the text as much as they can, especially the new words. Encourage the children to say dialogues in their own words; then write the English words on the blackboard. Have a reading session of any story from the Unit. Let each child be given a few lines to read. Engage them in reading aloud with you.
  • Writing simple words of one, two, three syllables (a syllable has one vowel sound, e.g. mug, truck, more (one syllable); never, lazy (two syllables) and September, October (three syllables).
  • Craft making skills such as simple folding, sticking and decorating the classroom.
  • Use the method of developing skills in a very informal yet clear manner. Thefollowing should be kept in mind:
  • Development of listening skills — What the child hears is important.
  • Development of visual skills — What the child sees is important.
  • Development of sharing skills — What the child feels is important.
  • Development of speaking skills — How the child is asked to speak is important.
  • Development of reading skills — How the child is exposed to routine reading is important.
  • Development of fine motor skills — Child's exposure to pre-writing activities is important.
  • Development of writing skills — This should be the last milestone in the chain.
  • Raising awareness

Encourage the children to brush their teeth after meals. As the facilitator you can add to this list. We must educate the children to preserve our natural resources at a very formative stage of their growth.