11. Jugs and Mugs

Wedding in Bunny's Family

A rabbit's wedding scene with many animals.

There is a wedding in Bunny's family, a family of rabbits. Many guests are invited - deer, monkeys, elephants, cats, dogs, mice, foxes, camels, mongoose etc. A special drink is served to all the guests - one glass each. Everyone finds the drink very tasty but some small guests like_____, _____, cannot finish a full glass. But _____, _____ is able to finish his glass.

Some others like _____, _____, _____ ask for more than one glass.

Now the trouble begins !!!

There are some big guests who go on gulping down glass after glass...!

Bunny wants to guess who drank how much.

Help him fill the table. Have fun!I

Drank How Much

Name of Guests

Less than 1 glass


Between 1-5 glasses


Between 5-10 glasses


More than 10 glasses


A boy wondering where does the water go in his body.

I drink so much water in a day but all of it does not go out of me. Where does it go?

Water In, Water Out?

Have you ever thought like Laddu?

About how many glasses of water do you drink in a day?

Summer day: _____ glasses

Winter day: _____ glasses

Can you guess how much water goes out of you?

Bottles and Buckets

A boy filling water from a bottle into a pot and other vessels around.

Get a 1 litre bottle (can be an empty bottle of water, oil etc.). Now collect some bottles and a mug, jug, glass, bowl, etc. at your house. Use the 1 litre bottle to check which of these holds more than 1 litre and which one holds less than 1 litre. Make a small drawing if you like.

Less than 1 litre

More than 1 litre

bowl A bowl.

big cooking pot A cooking pot.



A bowl. A cup. A cooking pot.

- Now look at the buckets in your house.

- Guess how many litres of water they can hold.

- Use a 1 litre bottle and check if your guess is right for all the buckets.


My guess

My measure

Bucket 1



Bucket 2



Bucket 3



Match the Right Pairs

Come on, guess!

About 12 litres

(to measure milk)

Less than ½ litre

(water tank)

About 5 litres


1000 litres

(eye drops bottle)

½ litre

(water suraahi)

Whose Jug Holds More?

What are Naima and Jeetu doing?

If Naima pours one glass of water in her jug, it looks like this:

Girl looking at water in the jug and a glass.

Naima thinks she will have to pour around 3 glasses of water to fill the jug. What do you think? _____

If Jeetu pours one glass of water in his jug, it looks like this:

A boy looking at the jug with water and a glass.

  • Whose jug holds more water? _____
  • How many glasses of water do you think Jeetu should pour to fill his jug? _____
  • If Jeetu pours one more glass of water his jug will be around _____ full.

Filling Pots

Naseem and Abdul had to fill their pots each with water. Both pots were equally big and heavy. So they went to the tap again and again, filled their own bottles and poured water into the pots.

A boy and a girl filling bottles from the taps so as to fill their big pots.

Naseem had to fill her bottle 16 times from the tap. But Abdul had to fill his bottle only 8 times.

Why did Naseem go more times than Abdul?

Naseem's bottle can hold _____ (twice/half/three times) as much water as Abdul's bottle.

How Many Glasses?

Pot A is bigger than Pot B and there is a small glass.

Pot B holds 11 glassfuls of water. Pot A holds twice as much water as pot B. How many glasses of water are needed to fill pot A? _____

  • In class, children need to speak about their own daily experiences of measuring liquids and comparing the sizes of different containers. They must get many opportunities to use words like 'glassful', 'bucketful' etc. They will also get familiar with ideas such as 'half', 'twice', 'four times' the amount of water, and a sense of roughly how much one litre is.

Filling Potholes

This is a small town near Kohima. There are some potholes in the road. Before the rains come, children want to fill the holes with pebbles. They bring pebbles in mugs of the same size.

Hole A gets filled with 9 mugs of pebbles.

Hole B gets filled with 18 mugs of pebbles.

Hole C gets filled with 12 mugs of pebbles.

Children filling potholes in roads with pebbles.

  • Mark A, B, C on the right hole in the picture.
  • Which is the biggest pothole? _____
  • If jugs are used, hole A gets filled with 5 jugs. How many jugs of pebbles are needed to fill hole B? _____