The Little Fir Tree

A magician standing near a tree

Shetty the magician was returning home, when all of a sudden it began to rain. It rained heavily. Shetty looked around for shelter and saw a pretty little fir tree. He ran towards it as fast as he could.

Soon the rain stopped. Shetty was happy that he did not get wet.

A goat eating leaves of the tree

“Thank you, you have been kind to me. I would like to reward you. Ask for four wishes and I will grant them,” said the magician.

The sad fir tree had leaves like needles and no birds ever made their nests on it. So it said, “I wish I had green leaves like my other friends.”

Next morning, its wish was granted. Soon a goat came along and ate all the green leaves. “Oh! dear,” said the fir tree. “I wish I had gold leaves as goats do not eat gold leaves.”

When the little fir tree woke up the next morning, it was surprised to see gold leaves.

Thieves stealing gold leaves of the tree

A tree standing with broken glass leaves and a sad face

“How happy I am!” it said.

Two men came along and stole the gold leaves.

“I wish I had glass leaves instead. Men do not steal glass leaves.”

The next day its glass leaves shone in the bright sun. “How happy I am!” it said.

At night the wind blew whoo...oo...oo. All the glass leaves broke.

A smiling tree with leaves all around

“Oh dear!” said the fir tree. I like my old needle-like leaves best, for goats do not eat them.

No man can steal them.

The wind will do them no harm.”

The tree went to sleep. When it woke up the next morning, it had all its needles back again.

“Oh! I never was so happy,” said the little fir tree.

New words

pretty, needles, leaves, gold, stole

Reading is fun

1. Tick (✓) the correct answer –

(a) The pretty little fir tree was happy with gold leaves but...

a goat came along and ate them. ☐

all the leaves got wet in rain. ☐

a man stole them. ☐

(b) The fir tree was sad...

because it had yellow leaves. ☐

because it had needle-like leaves. ☐

because it was very short. ☐

(c) The fir tree was not happy with the gold leaves...

because the goats came and ate them up. ☐

a man stole them. ☐

the gold leaves broke. ☐

Word building

1. By changing the circled word to its opposite, rewrite these sentences. One has been done for you.

(a) I carry a light bag to school every day.

I carry a heavy bag to school every day.

(b) Rina won the race.


(c) I love eating vegetables.


(d) This glass of milk is full.


(e) The old man is wise.


2. Now give the opposite of the words below by adding un or im.













A girl crying for her dog

3. Rita loved her dog Sheroo. Every day, Sheroo would go out of the himself. But one day he did not come home.

Rita looked everywhere for him. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Sheroo was lost. He was nowhere to be found. Rita was crying when she reached home. She got into her bed. All of a sudden something jumped on her. Can you guess who it was? Rita was very happy.

Give the opposites of the words in blue.

Let’s write

1. Rewrite the passage below using capital letters where necessary –

(i) one saturday afternoon amarjit and his little sister rani went for a picnic to india gate. there they saw ducks, water and their friend raj

(ii) oh dear said the fir tree I like my old needle-like leaves best for goats don't eat them and no man can steal them

Let’s talk

1. Look at the picture below. In the yellow box there are eight things. You can see six of them in the picture. You cannot see the other two. Write down the four things that you can see.

Children at a picnic spot besides the pond

  • mat
  • girl
  • tree
  • flowers

    2. Look at the picture again. Describe the picture.

    Flowers planted in a small dish

    Fun time

    1. Ajit loved flowers. He always wanted to have a garden for himself. Mohan, his friend gave him an idea. He said, “Why, we can have a garden in a dish!”

    “Ha! Ha!” Ajit laughed. “A garden in a dish?”

    “Yes, dish gardens are tiny gardens planted in a shallow dish. We must first put sand, manure and pebbles in a dish. Plant very tiny plants in it and place the dish on the window sill.”

    2. Glass breaks easily when it is dropped. Do you think a mud flower pot, a glass spoon, a wooden table, a plastic cup, books or your plastic water bottle can break easily? Circle the things that can.

    Items made up of different types of material

    3. Which of the following actions would make others happy/unhappy?

    Respecting elders, Not saying thank you, Being polite, Playing with friends, Visiting a sick friend, Not sharing, Watching television all day, Telling lies, Being greedy, Caring for pets, Getting angry easily, Being honest

    Actions that make people happy Actions that make people unhappy

    Let’s listen, read and write

    There was a thick jungle with beautiful green trees and birds.

    Koyal was singing happily.

    Suddenly she heard someone crying. It was her friend, the peacock. She flew to him and asked...

    A Koyal asking a peacock," why are you crying". Peacock replies,"I hate myself, I have such ugly feet".

    Why are you crying

    I hate myself. I have such ugly feed.

    Some things make you feel happy. Some things make you feel sad. Write a poem on the picture.

    Let’s make a word tree

    This is how you will do it.

    A rolled sheet of paper.

    • Take a long green sheet of paper or newspaper. Roll it like this.
    • Hold the roll of paper firmly in one hand and cut four slits from the top to halfway down the roll.

    Rolled sheet cut into slits from one side.

    • Still holding the roll of paper firmly, bend back the four sections of the cut paper.
    • Pull out the branches. Do this by pulling up the cut sections slowly and carefully from the centre of the roll.

    Roll of paper bent down from cut ends. Cut out sections pulled out to make a tree.

    Write words related to leaves on the trees and make a Word Tree. Now make sentences with these words.