7. Jugs and Mugs

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Bunny and Banno Celebrate their Wedding Anniversary.

Do you remember the wedding in Bunny's family last year? (See Math-Magic Class III page 153). Bunny and Banno decided to have a party one year after their wedding.

Animals celebrating Bunny and Banno's wedding anniversary. Some of them have small buckets in their hands.

They invited their family and friends. They made a special sweet dish — kheer, which is made by cooking milk, sugar and rice together.

All the animals came — running, hopping and even crawling!

Animals carrying kheer in buckets.

Long Live! Bunny and Banno

The elephant is drinking 50 litres of kheer.

The giraffe is drinking__litres.

The cow is drinking__litres.

Then came the squirrel. She said — I can't drink 1 litre of kheer, please give me only 500 millilitres.

The donkey asked — 500 millilitres of kheer? Isn't that more than a litre?

The fox said — Come on, don't behave like a donkey! One litre is 1000 millilitres, so 500 millilitres is half a litre.

The frog hopped along with nine other friends. He said — Oh, we only want 100 millilitres each!

10 dancing frogs.

OK., here is your kheer — said the cat, while serving the kheer. She took 10 glasses and poured 100 millilitres kheer in each glass.

A cat pouring kheer in glasses.

The donkey looked confused and asked — Ten glasses of 100 mL each. How much is that?

The fox got another chance to show off ! He said — Ah, That is

simple! 10 times hundred millilitres is ___________ millilitres = litre.

Now you write it 10x 100 mL=

Few grasshoppers and ants asking," Are we late?"

Look, a group of ants is marching here! — the grass hoppersaid.

The kheer is finished. Now whatcanwedo? —thecatsaid sadly.

Don't worry, they won't drink much. Each of them will take only one millilitre. That is all. I will share my kheer with them — the elephant said and wiped the cat's tears with his ear.

How many are you all together? — the elephant asked.

We are only one thousand — said the ants.

The cat said — Oh no, one thousand! We have to give kheer to

1000 ants!

After thinking the elephant said — No problem, I can manage.

Each ant drinks 1 millilitre of kheer.

So, 1000 ants drink: 1000 x 1 mL =___mL.

Ah! they will need the same as the ten frogs — said the donkey.

All the ants drank the kheer. Everyone was happy. They sang and danced to celebrate the wedding anniversary.

Animals singing and dancing at the wedding anniversary.

Who can have 1 Litre Kheer

Do you like kheer? What do you call it at home?

How much kheer can you have?

Can you drink 1 L water at one time?

A girl saying, " I think I can drink one litre." and a little boy saying, "I can drink 400ml."

The donkey is trying to look for different ways to add up to 1 litre. Help him complete the chart.

A donkey trying to add up different combinations of millilitres to make one litre.

Look Around

Look at these pictures. Now look for some other things we get in packets or bottles like these. Make your own list.

Some packets and bottles.


How many mL or L?


500 mL

My Litre Bottle

Have you seen a one-litre water bottle?

A girl pouring water from small bottle into a big bottle.

Collect a 1-litre bottle and some other small bottles. Guess how many times you have to pour from each of the small bottles to fill the litre bottle.

Check if your guess is correct and fill the table.


My guess

My measure

Bottle 1

Bottle 2

Bottle 3

Look what Adithyan is saying.

How much water does his small bottle hold?

A boy named Adithyan is  holding a small and a big bottle.

I poured two small bottles of water to fill this 1-litre bottle.

A girl named Leela has a small and a big bottle in her hands.
To fill the 1-litre bottle I need to pour water 5 times from my small bottle.
Then how much water does Leela's bottle hold?

A boy holding a small bottle and looking at a  big bottle.

Ramu's Measuring Bottle

Ramu got an empty 250 mL coconut oil bottle. Look at the picture and discuss what he did to make his big measuring bottle.

1 Litre

750 mL

500 mL

250 mL

My Measuring Bottle

Find your own way to make a bottle which can measure 200 mL, 400 mL, 600 mL, 800 mL and 1 litre. Discuss with your friends and teacher howyou made this.

Guess and check

Look at the buckets, mugs, glasses and other things in your house. Guess how much water each can hold. Check if your guess is right by using your measuring bottle.

My Guess

My Measure




A boy and a girl sitting in the kitchen and checking weights of different utensils.

I think it's a little less than 750 mL.

I think this can carry between 250 mL and 500 mL.

A doctor giving injection to a girl.

One injection gives 5 mL of the medicine to your body.

Neetu in Hospital

Neetu has to take 3 injections in a day for 5 days.

How much medicine will she need for one day?

How much medicine in all for 5 days?

A rhinoceros. An injection.

How much do we use at a time?

Eye drops

We use less than 1mLat a time.

List things we use more than one litre at a time.

  • Water for taking bath

Practice Time

  1. Amina's water bottle holds one litre of water. She drank 250 mL of water and her friend Govind drank 150 mL. How much water is left in her bottle?
  2. Yusuf runs a tea shop. For making a glass of tea he uses 20 mL of milk. Yesterday he made 100 glasses of tea. How much milk did he use?

A tea shop. Some cups.

  1. Radha's grandma was ill. The doctor gave her a bottle with 200 mL of medicine. She has to take the medicine every morning for 10 days.

A girl walking with a woman.

How many millilitres of medicine does she have to take every morning?

Water- Water

The table shows the water used in one day by a family of 5 people. They live in Goodallur village.

Woman is cleaning utensils and man is washing clothes and there are two pots besides them.


Water in litres (L)

Cooking and drinking

30 L

Washing clothes

40 L

Cleaning pots, pans

20 L


75 L

Total water used by them

How many litres of water does your family use in a day? Guess

and fill in this table.


Water used

(in buckets)

Water used

(in litres)

Cooking and drinking

Washing clothes

Cleaning pots, pans

Drops and Drops Make an Ocean

Is there any tap in your school or your home which is leaking? How much water do you think we waste through a leaking tap?

Place your litre jar below the leaking tap so as to catch all the drops in the bottle. Note the time. After one hour check how much water is in the bottle.

A girl filling bottle from a tap.

Find out how much water is wasted in a day.

In a week?

In a month?

In a year?

People are standing with their vessels outside The Milk Society.

Chelannur village has a milk society. Geetha and Ammini went there to buy 4 litres of milk. But the man could not find the one litre measure. He had only a 3 litre and a 5 litre bottle with him.

But he gave them exactly 4 litres of milk.

Explain how he did this.