Solution of Chapter 10. Life in the Deserts (Our Environment Book)



Give reasons

There is scanty vegetation in the deserts.


For Fun

Desert Game

This is a class room activity involving all the students. The teacher will create a list of desert creatures. The number of the creatures should be same as the number of students in the class. The creatures can be picked up from the categories of mammals, birds and reptiles. Mammals can include – camel, yak, fox, sheep, goat, antelope…

Birds – raven, eagle, vulture, turkey…

Reptiles – snakes …

Assign one desert creature to each student. Ask the student to write three characteristics of the creature on plain sheet of paper. (Students can use index cards of size 10 cm × 15 cm). Questions such as - in what type of deserts it is found? Major adaptation? Use to man?

These characteristics will be used as clues in the guessing game. On the board make three columns – mammals, birds and reptiles. Paste a sheet of paper in the column under the particular category. The class can be divided in three to four groups. They will compete against each other in the ‘desert game’. Each group now takes turn in guessing the correct answer. Explain to the class that they have to guess what animal matches the characteristics listed on the paper.

For example:

• Animal of hot desert

• Has double set of eyelashes to keep away the sand

• The hide is used for making water bottles

The correct answer is ‘camel’. Within the group there will be a student who has prepared the card. That student should not answer. Ten points are awarded for the correct answer.

This game will enable students to understand the desert. You can play the same game by taking different types of fruits, flora and the clothes the people wear.