What is nylon? State the important properties of nylon.

Nylon is the first fully synthetic fibre. It was made in 1931, without the use of any natural raw material from plants or animals. It was prepared from coal, water and air. Following are the properties of nylon:

● Nylon has the ability to show variation of luster. It has the ability to be very lustrous, semi lustrous or dull.

It is highly durable and is used for making seatbelts and tire cords.

Nylon fibre is very strong, elastic and light. It is lustrous and easy to wash. Hence, it became very popular for making clothes.

A nylon thread is actually very strong than steel wire. It is also used for making parachutes and ropes for rock climbing.

It is also used for making articles such as socks, ropes, tents, toothbrushes, car seat belts, sleeping bags and curtains.