State whether the following statements are true or false:

(a) Coke is almost pure from carbon.

(b) Coal tar is a mixture of various substances.

(c) Kerosene is not a fossil fuel.

(d) CNG is more polluting than petrol.

(e) Fossil fuels can be made in the laboratory.

(a) This statement is True.

It is a tough, porous and black substance. It is almost pure form of carbon.

(b) This statement is True.

Coal tar is the product of coal which is a thick black liquid having an unpleasant smell. It is a mixture of about 200 substances.

(c) This statement is False.

Kerosene is a fossil fuel. It is used as a fuel for stoves, lamps and for jet aircrafts.

(d) This statement is False.

CNG is less polluting than petrol. It is a clean burning fuel. It produces 45% less hydrocarbons than petrol.

(e) This statement is False.

The formation of fossil fuels is a very slow process. These are formed under very high pressure and high temperature. The conditions for their formation cannot be created in the laboratory.