Which star in the night sky can be located with the help of:

(a) Orion constellation?

(b) Ursa Major Constellation

(a) The constellation Orion is visible during winter in the late evenings. It also has seven or eight bright stars. It is also called the Hunter. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. It is located close to the Orion constellation. An imaginary line is drawn passing through the three middle stars of Orion. By looking along this line towards the east, will lead to a very bright star. This bright star is Sirius.

(b) The constellation Ursa Major is also known as the Big Dipper, the Great Bear or the Saptarshi. There are seven prominent stars in this constellation. It appears like a big ladle or a question mark. Pole star can be located with the help of Ursa Major. It is located by drawing an imaginary line passing through the two stars at the end of Ursa Major. This imaginary line is extended towards the North direction, which is about five times the distance between the two lines. This line will lead to a star which is not too bright. This star is Pole star.