Name any four pollutants which cause water pollution. State any three ways of controlling water pollution.

The harmful substances like sewage, toxic materials, silt etc., when gets mixed with water, causes water pollution. The pollutants which cause water pollution are:

Chemical waste from industries, sewage, silt, agricultural chemicals and garbage thrown into water.

Water pollution can be controlled in the following ways:

● Water should go through the sewage treatment plants before discharging into the water bodies.

● Use of pesticides and weedicides should be limited in order to prevent pollution.

● Industrial waste should be treated for harmful chemicals before discharging into the water bodies. Water treatment plants should be installed in all the industrial areas.

● We should save water consciously and should prevent the wastage of water. We must reuse, recycle and reduce the usage of water. We must try to reuse water. For example, water used for washing vegetables can be used to water plants in the garden.