Answer the following questions in not more than 150 words.

What are rural and urban settlements? Mention their characteristics.

Rural Settlement- Settlements in villages are known as rural settlements.

It refers to a small settlement which is outside the boundaries of a city, commercial or industrial area. Their main work is agricultural, animal husbandry, fishing, etc.

Characteristics of Rural Settlements-

• These are smaller in size.

• These lack in modern facilities.

• Most people are engaged in agriculture, fishing, and other primary activities.

• The density of population is not very high.

• People participate in cultural activities.

Urban Settlement- Settlements in urban areas are known as Urban Settlements. People are engaged in secondary and tertiary activities.

Characteristics of Urban Settlements-

• In urban settlements density of population is high.

• Most people are engaged in in the secondary sector and tertiary sector.

• These settlements are well planned.

• Urban settlements are large in size.

• In urban settlements facilities of roads, electricity, and water supply are good and modern.