Answer the following questions in not more than 150 words.

How are ports helpful for trade? Give classification of ports on the basis of their location.

Ports are the chief gateway for international trade. They play an important role in trade.

• Cargoes and travellers move from one part to another part of the world through these ports.

• Ports provide facilities of docking, loading, and unloading of the cargo.

Types of the port on the basis of location-

Inland Ports-

a. These ports are located away from the sea coast.

b. They are linked to the sea through a river or a canal.

c. Flat bottom ships or barges can access these ports easily.

d. For ex. The Rhine has various ports like Mannheim, Duisburg.

Out Ports-

a. These are deep water ports built away from the actual ports.

b. These serve the parent ports by receiving those ships which are unable to approach them due to their large size.

c. Athens and its outport Piraeus in Greece.