Answer the following questions in not more than 125 words.

What is vulnerability? Divide India into natural disaster vulnerability zonesbased on droughts and suggest some mitigation measures.

Vulnerability refers to being exposed to harm from an adverse situation. India is vulnerable to droughts because of the unique climactic conditions in the country, and the poor dependability of monsoon rains.

On the basis of vulnerability, the following zones have been identified:

• Extreme Drought Affected areas: areas of Rajasthan to the west of Aravali, Kachchh region of Gujarat

• Severe Drought Prone areas: Eastern Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, interior parts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka Plateau, northern parts of interior Tamil Nadu and southern parts of Jharkhand

• Moderate Drought Affected areas: Northern parts of Rajasthan, Haryana, southern districts of Uttar Pradesh, the remaining parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra except Konkan, Jharkhand and Coimbatore plateau of Tamil Nadu and interior Karnataka

• Free or Less Drought Prone areas: Rest of the country


• Provision of drinking water and medicines in the affected areas.

• Availability of fodder for cattle.

• Inter-linking of rivers to transfer excess water to drought-prone areas.

• Identification of ground water levels and their sustainability.

• Awareness about drought resistant crops.

• Rain water harvesting.